Believin’ in Heathens

Elizabeth Gillies as ‘Gigi’ in “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” (S1)When I sat down to watch FX’s new sitcom Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, all I knew about it was that it starred series-creator Denis Leary as ‘Johnny Rock’, the washed-up lead-singer of a semi-famous 90s rock band trying to make a comeback… which was all I really needed to know, personally. I have fond memories of singing along to Leary’s comedy tracks on road-trips with my friends back in the day… and still laugh my head off every time I hear his “Traditional Irish Folk Song”… so I went into this show with an open mind and eager ears.

As expected, there were plenty of Leary’s trademark drug jokes and pop-culture references… but just when things had started settling into a comfortable “loveable loser keeps losing” groove, Elizabeth Gillies rocked up as Johnny’s previously-unknown offspring, ‘Gigi’, to whip him (and the show) into shape. It was perfectly natural for Leary to give himself the lead role, but the most refreshing thing about SDRR is that he’s actually given Gillies’ character all the power: She’s young, smart, beautiful, ambitious, talented, commanding, and has enough money in the bank to hire her own father as a songwriter, along with his former bandmates to back her up, as she shamelessly strides her way to fame and fortune. While Johnny gets the lion’s share of the screentime in the first episode, Gigi dominates all their scenes together, working her shell-shocked father like a puppet, asserting her sexual agency all over his former-best-friend and co-writer (played by John Corbett), and strutting circles around everyone in the rehearsal room! The terror on the men’s faces says it all…

Admittedly, some of the jokes are a bit creaky, but the cast are sparky (including Elaine Hendrix as Johnny’s long-time girlfriend, ‘Ava’), the music’s good, and the premise is admirable… so roll on the next episode!

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Thus Spake “The Boomstick”

TDana DeLorenzo as ‘Kelly Maxwell’ in “Ash vs Evil Dead” (S1)his weekend Starz decided to stoke up a little fan-frenzy for its forthcoming horror-comedy series Ash vs Evil Dead by releasing a 3-minute-long (NSFW) trailer into the wild. Despite the presence of Bruce Campbell in the lead role, and co-writing credits for Sam and Ivan Raimi, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this small-screen sequel to Army of Darkness… but if the series turns out to be as funny and thrilling as this trailer suggests, then it should be well worth the wait!*

For the benefit of this blog, there’s also a number of notable actresses on the cast-list, including Lucy Lawless, Jill Marie Jones, Mimi Rogers and Dana DeLorenzo (who makes a great eye-rolling, deadpan foil for Ash in the trailer), so hurrah for them!


* Sadly the show doesn’t actually hit the “airwaves” until October… dammit!

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A Kind of Crazy 2: Killer Catnip

[Contains disturbing dog-food suppliers and SPOILERS!!!]

Cynthia Nixon as 'Kade Prurnell' in "Hannibal" (S2)Inevitably, as soon as I’d finished watching Wonderfalls I started jonesing for more Hannibal, and began binge-watching the second season (2014)… which was just as implausible and plot-holed as the first season, but also just as macabre and absurdly entertaining. Hurrah! You have to give the writers credit for not repeating themselves, or attempting to string out ‘Hannibal’s (Mads Mikkelsen) secret-killing-and-cannibalising-spree for another couple years… this season opened with a flash-forward to an epic kitchen-based brawl between the eponymous psycho and FBI Agent-in-charge ‘Jack Crawford’ (Laurence Fishburne), to assure viewers that there would be a “reckoning” of sorts fairly soon-ish… that Hannibal would be outed as the monster he is, and a serious attempt would be made to bring him down… before the story rewound a couple months to show us how they got to that tipping point. Of course, there was a lot more forehead-slapping dumbassery to sit through in the intervening eleven episodes, and Hannibal won the day by a wide margin, but slow progress is better than no progress at all! 

Caroline Dhavernas as 'Dr. Alana Bloom' in "Hannibal" (S2)So, let’s check in with the show’s recurring female characters, and see how they fared here: ‘Dr. Alana Bloom’ (Caroline Dhavernas) managed to drop even lower in my estimation, compounding her decades-long blindness to Hannibal’s criminality by hooking up with him for sexy times and drug-induced, alibi-establishing sleepovers! Feh! Even when she took ‘Will Graham’s (Hugh Dancy) sound advice to start carrying a pistol in her purse, she neglected to check that it was properly loaded before entering a potential danger zone, and ended up getting shoved out of a window to her (possible) death! D’oh! Thankfully she had the good sense to call the emergency services before setting foot inside Hannibal’s house, so it’s quite possible she’ll be saved/resurrected in the following season… but, seriously, if Dhavernas weren’t such a damn fine actress, I’d be actively willing her character to die already. Next up was ‘Beverly Katz’ (Hettienne Park), who belatedly decided to buckle down and make herself useful, only to fall into the same trap that so many curious victims in horror movies always seem to: walking into the killer’s creepy basement of horrors without calling for back-up or bothering to leave an explicit “If I don’t make it back alive tomorrow, then Hannibal’s totally the killer, you guys!” note on her boss’s desk. D’oh! (eps #2.1-5)

Gillian Anderson as 'Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier' in "Hannibal" (S2)As for Hannibal’s personal therapist, ‘Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier’ (Gillian Anderson), I’m still not entirely sure which side of the accomplice-fence she was actually on. In her first two episodes (#2.1-2) she seemed genuinely unnerved by her patient’s increasingly abnormal behaviour, even going so far as to visit Graham in his high-security “hospital” cell to say that she believed him about Hannibal, before going into hiding for the majority of the season. When she returned in #2.12, she seemed to be in a very different head-space, confessing to murdering a patient while under Hannibal’s influence (after securing immunity from prosecution, despite offering precious little evidence against anyone besides herself), and then jetting off with the villain at the end of the finale, for a jolly holiday in the sun! (eps #2.12-13) So… was she working with him the whole time, or did he track her down and get his hooks into her again after Graham dickishly dropped her name during one of their own dysfunctional therapy sessions? I DON’T KNOW!!! Either way, Anderson rocked her scenes, and did a fine job of muddying the waters and whetting my appetite for the next/current season…

Lara Jean Chorostecki as ‘Freddie Lounds’ in "Hannibal" (S2)‘Freddie Lounds’ (Lara Jean Chorostecki) got to spring a little surprise plot-twist of her own here, when everyone (including the audience) was fooled into believe that she’d been viciously murder, mutilated, and partially consumed by Graham, as part of his “evolution” into a cold-blooded-cannibalistic-killer… only for her to crop up alive-and-smirking again in a later episode, when Crawford clued Alana in on the undercover sting that he was running with Graham, to capture the real “Chesapeake Ripper”. Sadly, her stinky hair-dye eventually tipped Hannibal off to the fact he was being played, but it was still nice to see her on the right side of the thin blue line for a change. Fun fact: During Graham’s trial it was revealed that Freddie had been slapped with six libel suits over the course of her journalistic career, and settled every one of them out-of-court! (eps #2.3/5/10-11/13).

Kacey Rohl as 'Abigail Hobbs' in "Hannibal" (S2)Other returning cast members included Gina Torres as Crawford’s terminally-ill wife “Bella”, who chose to overdose on morphine to spare her husband a prolonged and painful good-bye, but made the mistake of trusting Hannibal to oversee her exit, when he’d much rather keep her alive to distract/sap his seemingly clueless nemesis. (eps #2.4/13) Meanwhile, I was very happy to see the adorable Kacey Rohl reappear as ‘Abigail Hobbs’ in a father-daughter-fishing-lesson dream that Graham had while imprisoned… but far less happy to see the real live Abigail step out of the shadows in the finale, to apologetically attack Alana! Apparently Hannibal had been keeping her on (metaphorical) ice all that time as a going-away gift for Graham… but when he realised that his patient/protégé had betrayed him, he decided to cut them both to bits, so the last we saw, Graham and Abbie were huddled up on the kitchen floor bleeding out together, in an unfortunate (and deliberate) echo of the pilot episode’s ending! (eps #2.4/13) Anna Chlumsky also enjoyed a surprise encore as ‘Miriam Lass’, the missing-presumed-dissected FBI agent-in-training recovered (by Katz) from an abandoned farmhouse/death-shop, where she was found missing the arm that was used to taunt Crawford in the previous season, but otherwise intact. Despite some ominous talk from the other characters suggesting that she might be some sort of brainwashed acolyte/sleeper-agent under Hannibal’s control, all she’s done so far is finger ‘Dr. Chilton’ for her actual captor’s crimes… which was effective enough in story terms, but not as much fun as her going “postal” in the FBI offices would have been, action-wise. (eps #2.6-7)

Katharine Isabelle as 'Margot Verger' in "Hannibal" (S2)There were also plenty new characters introduced this season, including: ‘Kade Prurnell’, a hard-ass FBI supervisor-type, played by Cynthia Nixon, as a gender-flipped and anagrammed version of a book/movie character once played by Ray Liotta! After the bad taste those Sex and the City flicks left in my brain-mouth, it was good to see Nixon doing some proper acting again… even if her character was a fairly generic by-the-book authority figure trying to clip her “maverick” underlings’ wings, and inadvertently (?) aiding their suspect. Boo to that! (eps #2.1-3/13) Another familiar (and very welcome) face was Katharine Isabelle, who scored a major recurring role as ‘Margot Verger’, a glamorous and gothy “femme fatale” who got herself impregnated by Graham as part of a sneaky scheme to murder her abusive older brother (Michael Pitt) and claim a sizeable family inheritance! The Vergers’ introductory scene was a tad obtuse and arty, so I wasn’t sure exactly what Margot’s beef with her brother was… but then he started acting like a straight-up supervillain (specifically “The Joker” from Batman), and the penny dropped pretty quickly. Anyhoo, I thought Isabelle gave a great performance here, and am glad that Margot has survived to serve her bed-ridden brother some just deserts (through a straw?). (eps #8-12)

Finally, there weren’t so many killers-of-the-week to catch this time around, but Amanda Plummer did get a fun cameo as ‘Katherine Pimms’, a crazy acupuncturist who believed that making a beehive out of a depressed patient’s head might help him lighten up a little. M’kay. Fullerverse in-joke: “Kitty Pimms” was a pseudonym that ‘Chuck’ (Anna Friel) used in Pushing Daisies,  when conducting undercover investigations… most notably in the episode where she infiltrated a company that produced honey, to investigate a bee-related murder! (ep #2.1)

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Yet More Good Morgan…

Diane Morgan and Charlie Brooker a la “The Comedy Club Interviews” (6/15)The fine folk at Radio 4Extra gave us another opportunity to enjoy Diane Morgan’s uniquely haphazard interview technique last week, when they broadcast a series of short chats she conducted with her frequent co-star/boss-man, Charlie Brooker!

From in utero strangulation to terrifying toy-related nightmares, you get some fascinating insights into the formation of the mind that gave us such darkly twisted satires as TVGoHome and Black Mirror… but you also get to enjoy the cheerier, chummier side of Brooker as he jokes with Morgan, and explains how his on-screen persona differs from his off-screen actuality. Meanwhile, Morgan discusses how frustrating it was to film her green-screen scenes for the Election Wipe special, and how angry she gets at herself for flubbing lines (Brooker agrees she’s one of the most furious people he’s ever met)… she also claims that she’s quite happy to shake hands with her fans, even when they’re “dirty” men… so that’s good news for me, if no one else!

Note: The photo references a discussion they have about how naturally sullen Brooker’s face is… though they can’t decide if he’d be more successful with a smilier facade or not…

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“Monkey Slut!”

[Contains a pile of dead fridges and SPOILERS!!!]

Lauren Socha as ‘Kelly Bailey’ in “Misfits” (S2)Despite several good-to-great episodes, some very clever story ideas, brilliant performances from the cast, and a ton of hilarious jokes, the second season of Misfits (2010) is where the show’s limitations start to become more obvious, with the characters bouncing around an insular little bubble of reality, disconnected from the wider world. For example, in ep #2.4, the gang encounter a man who’s become convinced that he’s living inside a Grand Theft Auto-esque video game, and drives around in a cherry-red sports-car, firing off guns and running down grannies, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake… and yet it seems as if the show’s heroes are the only ones who’ve noticed this menace, because the police are nowhere to be seen on the estate, despite the fact that this careless crime-spree lasts for several days, at the very least. I mean, if this is a result of the same storm that we saw in the first episode, then that means he’s been tooling around in that same altered-state (off-screen) for the length of the entire first series!

Lauren Socha as ‘Kelly Bailey’ in “Misfits” (S2)Likewise, when a faithless vicar ditches his dog-collar in ep #2.7, and starts buying traded powers so that he can become a counterfeit-Christ and attract a flock of groupies with his water-walking antics, no one outside of the community centre’s immediate vicinity seems to take any notice of his flashy “miracles”! In most countries, the face of Jesus appearing on a piece of toast is big news… but apparently a dude claiming to be the second coming and teleporting around at will isn’t worth the video-tape or newspaper ink!? The longer the show went on, the less sense it made that the rest of the country could or would just turn a blind eye to what was going on in Wertham, with super-powered freaks crawling out of the woodwork on a weekly basis to f*ck shit up. Even when the gang were finally outed in ep #2.6, ‘Curtis’ (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) just reversed time at the end of the episode so that they could take out the one super-freak who’d managed to attract and sustain the general public’s attention, thus allowing them to return to their implausible anonymity. GAH!!! Much as I enjoy Misfits, I can’t help thinking this concept would have worked much better as a comic book, unconstrained by the sort of budgetary concerns and “square one” story-resetting that an ongoing TV series has to deal with.

Lauren Socha as ‘Kelly Bailey’ in “Misfits” (S2)As a card-carrying Kelly-crusher, I was also annoyed by how harshly her character’s disrespected here, with several characters commenting on how (comparatively) unattractive she supposedly is… a scurrilous slur that’s reinforced by the rather cruel crack that the only man who fancies her on-sight this series turns out to be an escaped gorilla who’s magickally taken on human form! That’s not only insulting to the character, but also ruined what could have been a decent tragic-romance storyline for Lauren Socha. I mean, maybe if he’d turned into a more convincing gorilla after he was gunned down by the police, with expressive features aided by top-notch CGI animation, it might have been quite moving… but his face-mask was so rubbery and fake here, that it really undercut Kelly’s big emotional scene. Feh!

Lauren Socha as ‘Kelly Bailey’ in “Misfits” (S2)Then, of course, there’s the “Christmas Special”, in which the characters all decided to sell their powers to a mysterious broker for quick cash, only to realise their error after a potentially-preventable tragedy, and then rush to buy them back again! Of course, it wasn’t that easy, because the laws of supply-and-demand were against them… but when they do eventually acquire enough cash to power-up again, Kelly floats the idea of them all getting different abilities from the character-specific ones they were previously blessed/cursed with… which, imho, is where the show really jumped the shark (or “shat its coffin”, if you will). Fun fact: When I first watched this series back in the day, I was convinced that ‘Nathan’ (Robert Sheehan) was going to turn out to be a werewolf, because of the shadowy canine that follows him in the opening titles… but after all these years, I’ve finally been clued in by the show’s wiki contributors, who point out that in English folklore a big black dog was often regarded as a portent of death. So, his healing powers had nothing to do with being a lycanthrope after all… he was just plain old immortal!

Ruth Negga as ‘Nikki’ in “Misfits” (S2)Anyhoo, enough of my grumbling… and onto the laundry list of supporting actresses: Evelyn Hoskins appeared in ep #2.1 as ‘Lucy’, a shape-shifting stalker ‘Simon’ (Rheon) met while undergoing psychiatric assessment. Meanwhile, the unfortunate Alex Reid returned to play ‘Sally’s frozen corpse-ical… which can’t have been much fun for her, can it? Ruth Negga made her debut as ‘Nikki’ in ep #2.2, appearing first in a confusing flash-forward that Nathan has when his powers are reversed, and then encountering the gang in the present, when they break into her flat in pursuit of the mysterious Super-Hoodie! Her character recurred throughout the second series, until her death-by-gunshot in the finale… which was rather a bummer, because she was a very welcome addition, and they’d spent so long setting up a pretty awesome origin story for her. Of course, since then Negga’s moved on to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a superhero show with far less swearing, shagging, and cigarette-smoking… but where’s the fun in that? The same episode also featured Catrin Stewart as ‘Lily’, a cute bar-worker who could freeze stuff with her fingers, and died in an exploding car shortly after befriending the gang. Poor thing. Her ghost seems happy enough when Nathan sees her later on, but still… she went too soon, dammit! And Sydney White (aka Sydney Rae White) appeared as ‘Tanya’ a punky club-goer who becomes fascinated with Simon after his invisibility power is reversed.

Gwyneth Keyworth as ‘Marnie’ in “Misfits” (S2)Susy Kane appeared in ep #2.3 as a news presenter in a future video clip that ‘Alisha’ (Antonia Thomas) watches on Super-Hoodie’s computer, after tracking him back to his lair, and discovering that he’s actually a time-travelling Simon! Zawe Ashton appeared in ep #2.5 as ‘Jessica’, a charitable fun-run organiser with a psychotically over-protective father and a cute crush on Simon. Although the two of them “deflower” each other in a cupboard at the community centre, Jessica breaks up with Simon after the truth about her father’s crimes comes to light… as seen in a short “webisode” elsewhere on the DVD! Anna Wilson-Jones appeared in ep #2.6 as ‘Laura’, a manager/agent-type who offers to represent the gang after their money-grabbing probation worker sells them out to the press… while Natalie Klamar appeared as ‘Daisy’, a lovely lady with healing powers who unwittingly steals their spotlight. Finally, Gwyneth Keyworth appeared in ep #2.7 as ‘Marnie’, a pregnant girl with an adorable grin, who forms an instant shag-happy bond with Nathan. Bless. Keyworth also cropped up in the most recent season of Game of Thrones, playing ‘Clea’, the cynical prostitute that ‘Tyrion’ (Peter Dinklage) befriends in a Volantis brothel. (ep #5.3)

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Bending Over for Destiny

[Contains a selection of antique clocks and SPOILERS!!!]

Caroline Dhavernas as ‘Jaye Tyler’ in “Wonderfalls” (S1)I can’t help feeling sorry for Bryan Fuller sometimes… I mean, he’s enjoyed more professional success than I ever will, but it seems like every time he manages to get a new show on the air everyone just starts counting down under their breath to its inevitable cancellation! Speaking of which, just a couple days after I admitted I was hooked on Hannibal, NBC sadistically dropped the axe on it, and Fuller slouched off to start work on his next project.* He’s like the Littlest Hobo of showrunners… down the road is where he’ll always be…

But where was he in 2004? Why, working on Wonderfalls, of course! This quirky comedy-drama starred Caroline Dhavernas as ‘Jaye Tyler’, an Ivy-league-graduate turned tourist-trap-sales-clerk who has a near-death experience near the “wishing well” outside her workplace, and starts receiving oblique prompts from the universe to help people in need, via various stuffed animals and cartoon mascots! Personally, I found this premise pretty charming for the first few episodes, but it really started to chafe as the season wore on… mostly because the “messages” that Jaye received were often unnecessarily obtuse, suggesting that the writers simply needed to jerk Jaye (and the audience) around for a while so that their episode would reach the required running time, even if that meant the script creaked with contrivance and chicanery, rather than puckish ingenuity.

Caroline Dhavernas as ‘Jaye Tyler’ in “Wonderfalls” (S1)I think the show worked best when Jaye was given a direct instruction (such as spitting her chewing gum out on a hospital corridor floor), which then set off an unforeseeable chain of events resulting in a positive progression or “happy ending” for multiple people. When the animals simply told her to “Save him from her!”, without specifying (or even hinting) who either party might be, it just led to an increasingly irritating series of misunderstandings and misfires, that had my finger hovering over the fast-forward button. Sadly, this intentional vagueness also had the knock-on effect of hobbling the central romance between Jaye and her unhappily-married man-candy ‘Eric’ (Tyron Leitso)… though his whole estrangement from a newly-wed wife was pretty problematic to begin with, and seemed like yet another needless complication in their star-crossed romance… as if her belief that God and/or Satan was talking to her through inanimate objects wasn’t enough of an obstacle already!

One thing you can always say in Fuller’s favour – even when the vast majority of the American viewing public are cruelly indifferent to his work – is that he always manages to attract a top-notch cast to flesh out his characters! Although Jaye could be a little dickish at times, Dhavernas made for a very amusing, adaptable, and appealing lead actress… especially when she deployed that irresistible smile of hers! And she was ably supported by Katie Finneran as Jaye’s uptight elder sister ‘Sharon’, Lee Pace as her philosophical slacker brother ‘Aaron’, William Sadler as their fogey-ish father ‘Darrin’, Diana Scarwid as their waspy mother ‘Karen’… plus Tracie Thoms as Jaye’s bolshy BFF, ‘Mahandra’! They all played their parts to perfection, and a lot of my favourite scenes from the series involved two or more family members just hanging out and bantering/bickering together!

Sarah Drew as ‘Bianca Knowles’ and Caroline Dhavernas as ‘Jaye Tyler’ in “Wonderfalls” (S1)The episodic cast was equally stacked with talent: Kari Matchett debuted in ep #1.1 as ‘Beth’, a woman Sharon starts dating after Jaye tries to set her up on a blind-date with Beth’s ex-husband! She then recurs in two more episodes, as Sharon tries to hide their relationship (and her sexuality) from her family. (#1.4/9) Meanwhile, Kathryn Greenwood appeared as ‘Ronnie”, a rude customer who complains about a misshapen wax lion she’s received from a vending machine in Jaye’s store, which then becomes our heroine’s first muse… and Chelan Simmons made her first appearance as Jaye’s girly frenemy ‘Gretchen Speck-Horowitz’, but I’ve already raved about her in a previous post. Sarah Drew appeared in ep #1.3 as ‘Bianca Knowles’ (aka “Binky”), an insecure identity thief who tries to “Single White Female” Jaye.* Carrie Preston appeared in ep #1.4 as ‘Sister Katrina’, a cheese-obsessed nun who’d lost her faith, and taken to living in Eric’s bar. Audrey Wasilewski appeared in ep #1.5 as ‘Yvette’, the Tyler family’s beloved French-Canadian housekeeper, who turns out to be an illegal immigrant… while Joan Gregson played her emotionally/geographically distant mother ‘Helen’. Beth Grant appeared in ep #1.6 as ‘Marianne Marie Beattle’, a muffin-bakin’ neighbour of Jaye’s who would later crossover into an episode of Pushing Daisies! Rue McClanahan appeared in ep #1.6 as ‘Millie Marcus’, a local legend who claims to be the first American woman to travel over Niagara Falls in a barrel (and live!)… even though it was actually the far-less-fame-hungry ‘Vivian Caldwell’ (Louise Fletcher) who really took the tumble.

Kellie Waymire as ‘Penelope’ in “Wonderfalls” (S1)Magdalena Alexander appeared in ep #1.8 as ‘Katya’, a lovesick Russian “mail-order bride” who was wooed over the internet by a precocious 13-year-old boy (Spencer Breslin). The late Kellie Waymire made her final professional appearance in ep #1.9 as ‘Penelope’, a super-cute ornithologist at the local zoo, who gets demoted and then loses her job altogether thanks to Jaye’s meddling. This episode also saw the debut of Jewel Staite as Eric’s cheating wife ‘Heidi’, who made for a very implausible and unsuccessful love rival, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (besides looking like Jewel Staite, I mean). Meh. She returned for three more episodes (#1.10-11/13), but there was really nothing keeping her and Eric together, beyond his misplaced sense of duty, and the writers’ desire to screw with Jaye (and the audience) some more! Patricia Zentilli appeared in ep #1.12 as ‘Angie Olsen’, a crazy lady looking to frame Jaye for the murder of their therapist (as well as the “dirty protest” left in his desk drawer). Finally, Alex Rice appeared in ep #1.12 as ‘Deanna Littlefoot’, a hard-ass lawyer riding roughshod over the residents of a local reservation, while Kyra Harper played ‘Gentlefeather’, the spirit of a recently-deceased seer trying to temper Deanna’s dictatorial attitude.

Katie Finneran as ‘Sharon Tyler’ in “Wonderfalls” (S1)Verdict: Despite my frustrations , I found Wonderfalls quite enjoyable, and even got a little teary now and again… so I’m glad I watched it all the way through, but it’s not a series I feel any desire to own and relive on DVD.


* A TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel  American Gods… which I haven’t read, but Gaiman’s work is never less than awesome, so it could be a pretty great show… while it lasts…

** The resolution to this story was especially disappointing, as throughout the episode Jaye was instructed to help Binky find her “voice” as a journalist, but then ended up writing the pivotal magazine article by herself without any reference to Binky’s notes… so how was that Binky’s voice, exactly? Tch!

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“Let’s Make Babies!”

Paloma Faith @ Glastonbury Festival 2015Last night I caught Paloma Faith’s Glastonbury set on BBC4, and thought she sounded fantastic… while also looking super-foxy in her stage outfit, as you can see! She seemed to be enjoying herself too, shaking her booty and jiving across the stage with her back-up singers.

It’s always great to hear Faith belting out her own tracks, of course, but the highlight of the show for me had to be her cover version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”! In the introduction Faith claimed that she’d been listening to the song a lot recently as inspiration for her next album… and I know she was only joking, but I’d love to see her put out a harder/heavier record sometime, because she really rocked this tune!

If nothing else, this show reminded me that I should make more of an effort to tune-in whenever Faith appears on TV… she’s easily the most entertaining and adorable pop-star we have.

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