Bad Night

Meredith MacNeill as ‘Tica’ in “The Good Night”Watched The Good Night (2007), last night…. mainly because Meredith MacNeill is in it, and I’m seriously crushing on her at the moment. I’d already seen a screengrab of her character from this flick, so I had a vague idea of where her character would first appear… what I didn’t realise was that it would also be the last time she’d appear! Her “cameo” barely scrapes the one minute mark… and fans of Penélope Cruz may also wind up disappointed, as there’s very little of her in this film either. There’s no doubt that she looks great when she does appear, whether it’s in a dream or in “reality”, but she doesn’t really say or do much of any interest. In my hypothetical re-draft of this script, she’d be a far more central character, because the subject is a fascinating one… she’s a beautiful woman, who makes a living out of embodying male fantasies, and her frustration at constantly meeting men who want the fantasy to continue into her off-duty hours could have been mined for so much more pathos and humour than it was, in the few rushed, throwaway scenes she was allotted.

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