Manda Rin (aka Amanda MacKinnon) of BisShopping online is all well and good if you know what you’re looking for… but the fun of browsing in second-hand shops is that you often turn up something you didn’t even know existed. In this case it was “The Best of” Bis CD and DVD combo (aka We are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland). The back of the little inlay booklet boasts a very self-deprecating note explaining how they failed, and why it was all their own fault… bless ‘em… but they sold a shed-load of records in Japan, and scored eternal glory as the composers of the closing credits music for The Powerpuff Girls, so they must have been doing something right! Sadly the PPG song isn’t included here… I guess there might have been some licensing issues… plus the fact that it wasn’t really a hit single, as such.

Still, it’s nice to take a little skip down memory lane, and rekindle my crush on Manda Rin (aka Amanda MacKinnon). Sigh… super-cute, shouty, and Scottish… what’s not to love? Maybe her voice isn’t to everybody’s taste, but I love that shrill edge it had in their early days… and she matured into a pretty sweet singer in the later years. I’d say there wasn’t enough footage of her in the DVD’s collection of promo videos, but I think that rather goes without saying, since I could never get “enough” of Miss MacKinnon. After checking out the band’s Wikipedia page, I now discover that she released a solo album last year, titled My DNA. The single’s sounding good, so I might well have to put in an order.

Meanwhile, I’m also revisiting her contributions to Cat Food, a loose collection of songs by SF punk band J Church which I picked up back in my student days. She guests on their cover of ELO’s “Turn to Stone”, and that’s a definite highlight, but it’s also fun to hear her screaming out on an original track called “The Versace Killer”.

Ah well, enough of this… everybody sing-a-long:

Sugar, sugar, kandy pop,

Pull it down and push it up!

Sugar, sugar, kandy pop,

Just don’t let the music stop!

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