Lisa Nicole Carson as “Renee Raddick”

Lisa Nicole Carson as 'Renee Raddick'Back when I first watched Ally McBeal, as a teen, I was a big fan of The Wacky… the wackier that show got, the more I laughed and loved it. Watching the show again recently, I realised that I was more interested in the human stories, and the characters… in the one episode where Lisa Nicole Carson‘s character ‘Renee ‘is allowed a serious bask in the spotlight, she reveals a far more interesting and complex backstory than is really hinted at by her usual fleeting appearances as Ally’s down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is flatmate. Her main function, throughout the series was to bring some much needed grit to proceedings, but as the audience (me included) grew hungrier for The Wacky, her character was marginalised more and more… eventually disappearing completely, with no real on-screen explanation.

There are hints on various sites regarding Carson’s off-screen troubles, which certainly may have hastened her departure from the cast, but that’s not really any of my business. I can only comment on what I see on-screen, and what I see is a priceless performance. Carson owns every scene she’s in, dominating the whiny yuppies around her with strength, sass and sex-appeal to spare! As if that wasn’t enough, she can sing too! Her kickboxing scenes suggest that she could even have started a neat side-line in action-adventure flicks, but sadly, it was not to be…

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