Emily Perkins as “Brigitte Fitzgerald”

Emily Perkins as 'Brigitte'I know it’s wrong to carry around too many regrets about the past… and it’s even worse when those regrets are about missed purchasing opportunities. But I do have one, and it gnaws at me from time to time. A few years ago a new DVD rental shop opened up a short walk away from me, and they had a much better selection of titles than our Blockbuster did… but they were saddled with a terrible out-of-town location, and tiny parking lot. They folded and sold off all their stock, and one of the items they had on offer was a brand new Ginger Snaps trilogy box-set, for the ridiculous price of fifteen English pounds. They also had the Harsh Realm boxset, and I was on a major Terry O’Quinn kick at the time, and picked that up instead. Gah! Of course, Harsh Realm was utter, utter tosh, and now the Ginger Snaps boxset is out of print. Only this afternoon on the internets, I saw one rather merciless basterd selling theirs for almost two hundred pounds! Sigh.

To be honest, I’m not that fussed about werewolf films in general, but I loved the two lead characters, and Emily Perkins in particular. I was so desperate to see more of them in fact, that yesterday I watched Another Cinderella Story, the Direct-to-DVD teen rom-com in which they appear as the not-at-all-ugly sisters, ‘Bree’ and ‘Britt Blatt’. Perkins puts in another inspiring turn, looking something like Molly Shannon playing Jan Brady’s evil twin…. if you can imagine such a thing. The rest of the film may fade from my memory, but I doubt I’ll be able to shake out the vision of her crazy dance moves in the finale. Sadly, aside from this entry, the last two film roles on her resume are “Goth Chick” in something called Blood: A Butcher’s Tale, and “Punk Receptionist” in the multi-award magnet Juno. She should really be booking more headlining roles by now… but part of the reason why I like her so much is that she has such an intense, off-kilter “energy”, and that’s not exactly what they look for in the female leads for big mainstream movies. Because they are idiots who are more interested in making money than putting engaging, quirky performers on the screen for me to enjoy… damn it!

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