GothWatch: Elvira

ElviraProbably my second schoolboy crush after Kylie Minogue, I was first introduced to Elvira when she guest-presented a late-night heavy metal video show, to help promote the release of her movie Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988). And it worked, because I ended up buying a copy on VHS as soon as it came out. Now, I know you’re going to say it was all about the boobs, but there are actually some really great jokes in that flick, which have stuck with me ever since, such as: “I only ask that people remember me by two simple words. [pause] Any two, as long as they’re simple.”

There’s probably nothing to be gained from peering back through the mists of time to analyse the hormonal stew that was brewing back then, but early exposure to Elvira and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, have clearly left a mark on my libido, lumbering me with an unhelpful attraction to theatrical, goth-y women… “unhelpful”, because I’m a square, scruffy geek, and unable to maintain a “style” of any kind, let alone a high-maintenance one like that. Sigh. Naturally, this is a fun time of the year for me, as the whole country sets its phasers to “spooky”, and the pubs are crammed with Elviras, Morticias and Magentas. Hurrah!

I would write more about Peterson herself, and the evolution of the Elvira character, but the AV Club interview that prompted this post sums it all up better than I ever could.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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