The ‘Misfits’ Finale…

Lauren Socha as 'Kelly' in "Misfits"Hmmm… what to make of that? At times it felt a little too monster-of-the-week-y, and barely touched on the major “elephant in the room” (or corpses in the store room, if you like) of the main series arc. Again, the action was largely confined to the community centre, which I guess is a necessary evil of budget constraints, but it often feels as if the characters are trapped in a tiny bubble of unreality, cut-off from the wider world (like, if they ever tried to leave town, they’d just find a Silent Hill-esque wall of fog). I mean, when established parental characters aren’t seen at their own child’s funeral, then you have to wonder what’s going on. As a result the cliff-hanger left me a bit underwhelmed… but not in a bitter way. I just wish they had the money to make more episodes, on a slightly large scale, and really flesh out the world around the characters. At least we got some sort of resolution over what Nathan’s power might be, although the opening credit sequence suggests there’s still more to him than meets the eye. Thankfully there’s news on the E4 site that a second series has been commissioned, so there’s potential for growth there, fingers crossed. Meanwhile, it was weird seeing Kelly without so much make-up on… she looked so young! I was slightly disturbed to discover that the actress who plays her (Lauren Socha) is in fact only 19, so I’m almost old enough to be her father. Gah! But she’s so perfect for the lead role in the film trilogy I’ve been working on, it kills me. Will wishing hard enough make it happen? Probably not, no.

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