The Merry Pole

Meredith MacNeill as 'Absolute' in "Innocence"Ah, I do love sites like, which conveniently save geeks like myself all the time and trouble of tracking down celeb news and reviews by doing the (virtual) leg-work for us. Today a random whim led me to reviews of Meredith MacNeill‘s new play, Innocence, currently showing at the Arcola Theatre, in That London. The play itself seems to be picking up fairly mixed reviews, erring on the side of positive (3/5 seems to be the average grade), but MacNeill has been described as estimable“*, piercingly intense and superbly cast… in an unsettlingly quirky performance” as a blind pole dancer (!) called ‘Absolute’. Hurrah! Shame I’m hundreds of miles away, with no tix.


* I had to look that word up, although it’s quite common… apparently it means “worthy of esteem”

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