Superstar vs. Avatar

Michelle Rodriguez as ‘Trudy Chacón’ in “Avatar”James Cameron‘s new joint Avatar is, to put it mildly, making mad ducats right now, and hasn’t done too badly in the review department either… which is why it was something of a surprise to check Princess Superstar‘s blog this morning and discover that it “sucks” (ihho). I think she has a point about the irony of having McDonald’s merchandise branded with the logo of a supposedly eco-friendly, “New Age”-y kinda flick about the evils of imperialism, but beyond that I can’t really comment because I haven’t seen the film myself. I’m boycotting it… not on political or ideological grounds, but simply because I’ve read some spoilers online about what happens to Michelle Rodriguez‘s character, and I can’t be bothered paying out to see her play the disposable second (or third) fiddle yet again. I’ll probably catch it on rental DVD at some point, to see what the fuss was all about… but by that time, no doubt, M-Rod will have made her comeback by rebooting the XXX franchise, and I’ll be too busy watching all of her shiny new star vehicles to care… right?


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