The Film So Funny, I Bought It Twice!

Sarah Silverman in “Jesus Is Magic”Unsurprisingly, I’m talking about Sarah Silverman‘s Jesus is Magic. To clarify, my first copy was the R1 version an American friend sent me as a gift, and the second copy was an R2 version I saw looking all sad and rejected in a charity shop… so it makes sense to have a “back up” copy for my local region, since I consider this flick such a seminal classic. Unfortunately, as any geek will tell you, not all DVDs are created equal. It would seem like the easiest thing in the world to simply change the picture format from region to region, without trimming off any extra features, but apparently not… apparently to many companies “Region 2” translates as “Region Doodie”. I wasn’t too worried about the commentary track, because it’s mostly a stand-up routine that they’re commenting on, rather than a complex SFX shot that requires explanation… although it is sweet to hear the way Silverman praises her sister and friends, undercutting the cruelty and insensitivity of her on-stage character. And I can understand why they might have had trouble securing the rights for the extended Aristocrats bit, although that is a much more painful omission. But the most inexplicable and needless alteration is the fact that her “Give the Jew Girl Toys” video has been censored! That’s right, apparently all the effing and jeffing in the main feature is fine and dandy, but God forbid she say the word “penis” in front of Santa! If I’d paid full price for that thing, I’d be mad as hell right now… in a very Zen, enlightened sort of way, I mean.

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  1. JennyExiled says:

    Wait, what? I thought us Americans were supposed to be the prudie, censor-happy thugs? Aren't you Europeans sophisticated pottie mouths?

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