The Promotion of Peaches

ST:SfBG - UK vs. USToday St. Trinian’s was released on DVD in the US, following last year’s limited theatrical run. This should not be taken as an endorsement, or an advertisement, because in truth I think the film’s Metacritic score of 39% was well earned… but for all its faults, it did introduce me to Lady Sovereign, Paloma Faith and Amara Karan, so I have to give my grudging gratitude for that. It’s just a shame to see such a talented young cast wasted on such a second rate script. Sigh.

The remarkable thing about the American release (as far as I’m concerned), is how heavily Karan is featured on the cover, and in the publicity material. She doesn’t appear anywhere on the cover of the UK DVD, but the US line-up has her second from the front, on equal terms with the leads, despite the fact she has, at most, five or six lines of dialogue to call her own! Meanwhile, poor Paloma is nowhere to be seen, even though she has a much larger part to play in the heist that forms the central thread and “thrilling denouement” of the story. Karan’s character, ‘Peaches’, is also one of only six “Girls” featured on the official US website, and the sole representative of the “Posh Totty” trio, to the exclusion of the group’s leader, ‘Chelsea’ (Tamsin Egerton), who has a fairly major character arc. Presumably this bias in the promo material is down to the fact that Karan still has some “heat” stateside from her work with Wes Anderson in The Darjeeling Limited. Whatever the reason, I’m all in favour of it for her sake, but wonder how many fans will be misled into assuming she has a larger role in the story than she actually does…?

Meanwhile, I try to write a decent-sized role for her into all my scripts… even the comic book I’ve been working on… and it staggers me to think that she hasn’t had a decent gig since this flick came out two years ago (even if she has been treading the boards in the meantime). If it were up to me, she’d never want for work, but apparently being cute, charming, intelligent and talented isn’t enough for the people who actually get to decide these things in the real world. Gah!

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