Betty está muerta

Viva Betty!Apparently ABC has announced that the fourth season of Ugly Betty will also be its final season. To be honest, I’m not too sad about that, as I mentioned in my unsolicited “review of the year” post, it had started to get quite repetitive and frustrating on a narrative level, despite frequent hilarity and spirited performances from the cast.

I’d happily tune in for a spin-off sitcom featuring America Ferrera, Michael Urie, and Becki Newton, because they gelled so well together, even if they weren’t playing exactly the same characters. Hopefully at least Ferrera will get the chance to star in another show. She picked up plenty awards for her work as the adorable and down-to-earth Betty, but it might be fun to see her in a slightly more glamorous role, because she is kind of a cutie… sadly, once again, these things are out of my (talented but slightly stubby) hands.

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  1. JennyExiled says:

    I'm upset. I'm kind of obsessed with this show. But I guess I'll just have to pick up the full series box set that is sure to come.

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