Two Pints of Blood and a Packet of Creeps

Dead as a DonnaI confess, I hadn’t actually finished watching the sixth series of Two Pints when I posted my previous praise of the show. I was assuming, in my ignorance, that it would play out much the same as all the others before it… but I was wrong! The series was capped by a horror special called “When Jonny Killed Janet”, which dragged the main characters out of their usual continuity into a nightmarish hellscape… via the rather unlikely revelation that their local pub was actually built on “an ancient Indian burial ground”. No, really. It was rather weird to watch at first, because the cast were still performing with their usual “sitcom” pacing, as if waiting for a laugh track that never came… although this effect was dissipated once the blood started flowing, and it switched tracks into a more traditional horror-movie mode.

According to the commentary they did show the episode to a live audience to get their reaction, and there was a lot of screaming going on, so I’m rather glad they didn’t include that in the audio mix! I ended up watching this ep just before I went to bed, which was rather a risky move, because there are some genuinely unsettling, gruesome and gory beats in amongst the jokes… and the make-up and SFX are mighty impressive, especially for a half-hour sitcom’s budget! Personally, I reckon Susan Nickson might well have a feature-length horror-comedy in her, if she ever fancies knocking one out… and Sheridan Smith would make a fantastic “Scream Queen”, as she moves so effortlessly between humour, grief and terror. Natalie Casey also puts in a disturbing turn as a posthumous Donna, but I can’t say too much about that without spoiling the shock of her scenes… but believe me, it’s hella creepy. As is the scene showing how Louise (Kathryn Drysdale) “snags her tights” with a large saw… eek! Honestly, aside from a couple of jokes and references that might confuse/annoy anyone who hasn’t seen the show before, I think there’s a lot in there to appeal to serious genre fans.

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