Ms. Maven and Her Biggest Fan!

Maven & MonkBBC2 have just started showing the sixth season of Monk, which means that I’ve finally seen Sarah Silverman’s Emmy-nominated turn as ‘Marci Maven’, the OCD detective’s “biggest fan”. I’ve occasionally dipped in and out of the show’s previous seasons, and always found it rather meh. There’s no doubt that Tony Shalhoub is a brilliant comic actor, but something about the central premise, and the weird tonal seesaw Monk’s condition can create, puts me off. I also think that some of the cases can be kinda silly… which is probably quite appropriate for the timeslot, and target audience, but it leaves me a little cold. So thank heavens for the idle curiosity that lead me to check the episode listing this morning, because I would have hated to miss this one! Big S was her usual adorable self, and managed to single-handedly mitigate all of my complaints about the series… if Monk had kept her on as his regular assistant, which he did debate doing at one point, then I would have watched the crap out of this show. Still, we were treated to some classic Silverman schtick, as Marci swung between snidely belittling his current sidekick, Natalie, and gleefully fawning over her hero… she even sang a sweet little song in his honour! Bless. Clearly Monk isn’t entirely in his “right mind”, so I can forgive him for being resistant to Marci’s abundant charms… but I wish she’d come around to give me a “clue hug” every time I finished writing a mystery story.

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