McKlusky’s Cut

Nina Siemaszko as 'McKlusky'Watching the deleted scenes on the “Collector’s Edition” of Reservoir Dogs, I was a little saddened to find that an entire character had been cut out of the final version… namely “McKlusky”, played by Nina Siemaszko. Had her scenes been included, she would have been the only female character in the flick to get any decent dialogue… but to be honest those scenes don’t really add anything to the story itself, so you can kind of understand the omission. Often it’s not a quality issue, so much as a time and pacing thing.

Still, I felt bad for Siemaszko… she does a great job bringing life to some pretty dry exposition, looks darn cute in her red leather jacket, and probably had to munch her way through countless cold burgers and fries over the course of the shoot… then the film becomes a huge hit, culturally and critically, while she’s left behind on the dreaded “cutting room floor”. Thankfully it wasn’t the only bright spot on her resume, and she’s been in plenty of great shows since then (including a stint as ‘Mona Ramsey’ in More Tales From the City, and ‘Ellie Bartlet’ in West Wing). Tarantino, meanwhile, has gone on to bring his female characters front and centre, and give his actresses plenty of juicy scenes and banter to play with. So, I guess it’s not such a sad story after all… but I’m glad that DVD extras now give excised actors a chance to prove they were actually in the films they told all their friends and family about, and (more importantly) prove they weren’t cut for crapping up their lines!

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