Bored, Bothered. and Bewitched

Jemima Rooper as 'Thelma'I’ve had to bail on a show called Hex, halfway through the fifth episode… which is rather lame of me, because the series only ran for six episodes in toto. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Hex follows the story of Cassie, a young student at a private boarding school, who discovers that she is the heiress to a sinister supernatural legacy, which grants her fancy magickal powers, but also marks her out as the potential “baby mama” for a fallen angel called Azazeal. Presumably that was supposed to be very chilling and thrilling and spooky… but really it just bored the arse off me. According to the official count, the boxset’s three discs contain 4hrs 20mins of material, but it was starting to feel like an eternity. I don’t really think there’s much point ranting on about it… so instead let’s try to accentuate the positive and shine a light on the one element that kept me watching through all the other blah: Cassie’s best friend Thelma, who (through a slightly confusing series of events) winds up as a ghost, haunting the school and trying to look after her still-living chum. As played by the rather lovely and talented Jemima Rooper, of Lost in Austen fame, she’s a warm and witty character, who it’s a joy to spend time with… in stark contrast to the leaden lead character, who somehow manages to suck all of the urgency and threat out of a potential apocalypse by largely ignoring it and hoping it will go away. Thelma’s also a fine, full figured woman, which doesn’t hurt… especially when she’s wrapped in such gorgeous gothic dresses!

Although she remains an omnipresent sidekick and confidante throughout the series, one thing that bothered me about Thelma’s fate is that the program-makers were obviously trying to be a bit “sexy” by making her character gay, but as she’s quickly shuffled off her mortal coil, the only actual girl-on-girl action occurs in Cassie’s dreams… which, taken at face value, rather dubiously suggests that lesbianism exists purely in the fantasies of straight girls, rather than in the real, normal, waking world. Actually the adventures of a lonely lesbian ghost with magickal powers might make for quite a good series… so long as you made sure to keep her chirpy and irreverent and not let her brood or whine on about her situation too much. Beetlejuice meets… um…  Bridget Jones? Off the top of my head I can’t think of any good lesbian rom-coms. They must exist, surely? Well, anyway… that’s the pitch. Any takers?

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