Lizzie and Sarah

Lizzie & SarahIf it hadn’t been for a brief mention in the voice-over intro to last night’s QI, most people might not even have known that Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes had a new sitcom pilot brewing… which the BBC had chosen to unceremoniously squirrel away in the wee small hours. You would have thought that a new show combining their considerable talents would have been something to shout about, but apparently the Beeb see things very differently to normal, comedy-lovin’ folk. They seem to think it a cracking wheeze to conceal programmes in their carefully coded schedules, and challenge the viewers to track them down, Da Vinci-style. Fiendish! Granted, it did have a slightly higher sex and violence quotient than most sitcoms, but isn’t that a selling point in itself?

The eponymous Lizzie and Sarah are two terribly polite middle-class pensioners, married to horrible, horrible men, and doddering through their bleak, thankless days with cheery chuckles and industrial-strength denial. If that had been the entire premise of the show, “sweet old ladies get screwed over, over and over again”, then it might have been a bitter pill to swallow… but very quickly things took a turn for the Tarantino-esque, and bullets started flying. As an admirer of both performers, it was great to see them on screen together (especially in their secondary roles as preening, self-obsessed teenagers, performing an inappropriate dance at a friend’s memorial service), but it was also fun to see how the script had come together, and how their individual writing styles had meshed. I think they’ve got very good chemistry, on screen and off it, and I’d love to see how they might develop this collaboration over a full series…

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