The Odd Hiccup(le)

Via the magical picture tube we call “internet” I’ve been able to watch the first six episodes of Hiccups… and I have to say, it’s a funny show. Frankly it’s been a while since I saw a good sitcom on TV, so it was nice to have a reminder of why I enjoy the form so much! As a failed comedy writer, it was also interesting to see how they found new reasons for the main characters to interact with each other, in the established sets. That was always a sticking point for me, when it came to contemplating a series beyond the pilot… so I guess I’m lucky no one ever asked to see a second episode?

Emily Perkins as 'Crystal'Millie is a fantastic central character, because she’s so random, but so sweet and affable that you can totally understand why her friends forgive her impulsive mood swings and minute attention span. It’s a great performance from Nancy Robertson, which makes me sorry I haven’t seen any of her work before. Her character’s occupation as a children’s author also allows them to end every episode with a cute little cartoon summary of the moral that Millie has (sort of) learned that week, which is a very neat touch. Another point in the show’s favour is how great Emily Perkins looks. Who knew that there was such a gorgeous glamazon hiding under all the fake blood and baggy sweaters! In an interview for the CTV website, she revealed that it’s not just her hair and wardrobe that’s benefited from the transition to sitcom: “I’ve done a lot of horror movies, and you’re always shooting at night, and it’s kind of miserable, and the subject matter kind of gets to you. Just being in that dark mood, you can’t help but bring that home with you, a little bit. But when you are doing comedy, it’s totally the opposite; it brightens up the rest of your life. When it carries over, it’s a good thing.” So, let’s hope they get picked up for a second season, and the joy keeps spreading. She also mentions a desire to do more comedy, and maybe even try stand-up… ah, what I’d give for access to an actress with her talent and a web-cam. We could rule YouTube! Bwaaa haaa haa ha ha ha!!!

Anna & StanStill, it’s kinda hard to overlook the fact that Stan’s wife is sooo far out of his league, they’re barely even playing the same sport. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to believe that vivacious young Latinas are attracted to pale, podgy schlubs… I wish with every fibre of my being that it were true… but seeing them on the screen together, it just doesn’t look very plausible. She’s also stated that she thinks he’s a bad dresser and a bad dater and he drags her on camping trips even though she hates camping… so, seriously, what’s the appeal? If he didn’t even woo her properly, and doesn’t make any effort to dress up for her, or listen to her anti-camping feelings? Look at that photo there and tell me it could happen. Please, for the love of God, tell me it could happen…

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  1. Zack Flak says:

    Who knew that there was such a gorgeous glamazon hiding under all the fake blood and baggy sweaters, you ask? I knew. I have always known. It's so wonderful to see others recognize what a beautiful woman she really is. I hope this series will get her noticed more so she can get the leading roles she so deserves. Thanks for spreading the word!

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