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I don’t normally take much interest in commercial breaks, preferring to hit the “mute” button and flick through a magazine until people stop trying to sell me things I don’t need… but I recently became enamoured of one particular advert, for something called “Envirofone” (apparently they recycle your old mobile phones in return for money). The commercial in question follows the harrowing story of a young woman who attempts to pay for some new clothes with her mobile, as if the device itself were a valid form of currency. Our heroine can’t understand why her phone is being refused, and why the assistant is failing to acknowledge how delightfully ditzy she’s being. Thankfully a glowing blue beam then comes down from on high (presumably there are satellites stationed above all major retail districts for just such an emergency?) and magically transforms her stinky old phone into a lovely big bundle of cash. Hurrah! But the poor woman’s confusion doesn’t end there, as she then picks up one of the shoes and attempts to “answer” it, as if it were a ringing telephone. Madness!

Sorry, I’m starting to sound a bit snarky there, even though I actually find the advert very amusing. I suspect that’s all down to how cute the actress playing the customer is, though. It’s a small, silly role, but she manages to project maximum adorability throughout, and somehow make me want to see more of her character.

Note: This post should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the aforementioned company. It’s just an endorsement of pretty ladies who make me laugh.

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  1. Amusing stuff, these ads are designed to be quirky to captivate the audience. True she is a very pretty lady too. It's designed to inspire you to recycle your mobile phone. Helping you and the environment also. :)

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