IMDb Fail

It’s my own fault for being so lax about checking TV listings and such, but I was a little annoyed to check out Lauren Socha‘s Wikipedia page today and discover she’d appeared in a BBC drama (Five Daughters) which aired a few days ago, and I’d completely missed. It isn’t listed on her IMDb page, but a couple of other sites confirm she was in it… somewhere… just not very high up the cast list. Thankfully the Beeb are repeating it again next month… or I can just watch it online, of course… but, still, I felt like having a whinge. Meanwhile, May 10th sees the DVD release of The Unloved, a film about a young girl growing up in a children’s home, that aired a year ago, and features Socha in one of the lead roles. Which is great for her profile and all that, but I hope she’ll do more comedy in the future, because gritty drama really isn’t my cup of tea, and I think she’s very funny in Misfits.

Whinge ends.

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