Happy Perkday!!!

Emily Perkins as 'Crystal'Yesterday was Emily Perkins‘s B-Day… I missed it, but never mind (I blame the time zones).

Hiccups is still trucking along quite nicely… although the last episode featured a whole plot about how Stan couldn’t buy a decent anniversary gift for his smokin’ hot wife, and actually refused a European holiday offered to the couple by Millie, which is yet another mark against him in my book. Of course, if he were the perfect husband, there wouldn’t have been any plot/jokes, but it still bugs me for some reason. Writing my own sitcom at the moment, there’s a character who’s standing in for me, and he’ll most likely end up with an attractive girlf, because… well, because I like to pretend that such a thing is possible… but I’m taking it slowly so that the two of them can bond over the course of the series, and it seems more plausible that they might end up together (eventually). I’m a sucker for a little slow-burning, Beauty and the Beast-esque romance.

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