Hardrock Hijack!

Nina Siemaszko as 'Suzzi'I swore to myself, just as I’ve sworn countless times before, that I wouldn’t buy any more DVDs this week… but then I walked into WHSmith, and found a whole shelf of caseless discs going for a quid each… gah! Wackily enough, the three films I picked up all have a common element… Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Anvil: The Story of Anvil and Airheads all depict, with varying degrees of realism and seriousness, a group of hapless metalheads struggling to manifest their dreams of stardom. As a wannabe comedy writer on the wrong side of 30, I can certainly relate to the topic of wasted potential… although, without access to a time machine or dangerously realistic-looking water pistols, I fear that there’s little I can learn from these tales.

Airheads was a huge flop when it was released, barely making back half of its budget, and coming in for a harsh critical lashing. True, the plot is completely ludicrous, requiring an epic suspension of disbelief (especially when the police choose to watch placidly while random yahoos wave machine guns at them and a crowd of onlookers), but this film has such a stacked cast, and such a great soundtrack, that it remains a favourite of mine. I mean, c’mon, where else can you see Brendan Fraser, Joe Mantegna and Michael McKean arguing over the soul of rock and roll? Or Steve Buscemi being heckled by Beavis and Butthead? Or “Queen Cry-Baby” Amy Locane in her pantyhose? Or Judd Nelson with a really silly soul patch? Or Harold Ramis having to answer such profound philosophical questions as “Who would win in a wrestling match? Lemmy or God?”. Throw in a cameo by Mr. Motorhead himself, and the performance of a previously unreleased track by White Zombie, and its cult appeal is assured!

To prove what a terrible memory I have for faces, I found myself wondering who the cute blonde flirting with Adam Sandler was… only to discover that it was none other than Nina Siemaszko, of Reservoir Dogs deleted scene fame! She plays a very different character here, bringing a lot of charm and comic skill to the rather stereotypical role of “dizzy blonde” secretary-type, and it was great to see more of her this time around… her acting, I mean, not her boobs. Although they were very nice too. She also gets one of the funniest throwaway lines in the film, though I don’t want to spoil it, just in case this post inspires you to rush out and rent the flick for yourselves. Ho ho.

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