Mel Hudson, Aha!

Melanie HudsonAs I said yesterday, two of my favourite moments from Knowing Me, Knowing You were the “riot grrrl” punk band and the Paris episode… but I didn’t realise until I checked the credits that the gorgeous grungy guitarist who mocks Alan in the former, and the rather prim Parisian co-presenter who derides him in the latter, were in fact played by the same woman! Of course, it seems obvious now that I’ve put their photos next to one another, but… er… I blame the power of her acting! The thesp in question is Melanie “Mel” Hudson, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for her in future, because apparently she has appeared in a ton of great comedy shows including: The Mary Whitehouse Experience, People Like Us, Beast, World of Pub, The Armando Iannucci Shows, and The Omid Djalili Show. Not only that, but she’s also the partner-in-comedy of Coming Soon star Vicki Pepperdine. Sadly I learned this information too late to actually catch the radio show they did together… and it’s currently unavailable to hear online or to buy on CD (pesky!)… but considering their pedigree, that’s definitely a double act I’d like to see more of. Stat!

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8 Responses to Mel Hudson, Aha!

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  2. sims says:

    Mel Hudson – a natural beauty.

  3. barnet fair says:

    Mel Hudson – cool, very cute, a comedy delight with divine lips and sexy eyes. More please, BBC.

  4. herne hill horace says:

    Mel Hudson, Aha indeed. A woman of infinite delight and jest, a perfect combination. Quite heavenly.

  5. Guernsey Graham says:

    Mellifluous Mel, smooth and sweet, easy on the eye and ear. Aha Hudson!

  6. John says:

    4 years later but the second series of The Hudson and Pepperdine Show is on 4extra at the moment. 3 episodes on iPlayer so far.

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