Maya, May I?

Clash/M.I.A.A few years back, I managed to wean myself off buying magazines… mainly because the price of s/hand DVDs and CDs dropped so drastically, and it became so much easier to find news and reviews of bands and films online (along with samples and trailers), that it just seemed like a total waste of money. That said, occasionally a magazine cover will catch my eye, and I’ll be sorely tempted to shell out for the glossy bundle of pages it’s attached to… for instance, the most recent issue of Clash, featuring Miss Arulpragasam. There’s an interview inside, along with some other photos from the same shoot… but I’m trying to stay strong, and resist the lure. Gah!

I’ve listened to her new album, Maya (aka “/\/\ /\ Y /\”), twice now, but it hasn’t really clicked for me yet. I can’t help looking back nostalgically to her debut, and pining for the relatively jolly and jaunty tracks that made her fortune. Maya seems far too serious and dense for my liking. It’s probably a good album, artistically speaking, but it isn’t much fun. I know, I know… I’m a shallow and simple-minded creature. I do really like the line “It takes a muscle to fall in love”, from the song of the same name… but that’s about it, so far. Meanwhile, Arulpragasam also co-wrote a track for Christina Aguilera’s new album, Bionic, called “Elastic Love”. Once you get over the dissonance of hearing the former Mouseketeer attempting to mimic M.I.A.’s accent and inflections, it’s actually quite an enjoyable track. Like a lost B-side from the Arular-era!

Sigh. It’s a sad day when I prefer pseudo-M.I.A. to the real thing… but maybe if I put my headphones back on, loop the album, and stare at that Crash cover for long enough, I’ll be able to re-attune my brain…?

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