Emin In The News!

Tracey Emin A couple of peculiar, non-Art related news stories about Tracey Emin have cropped up this month…

First of all, she’s apparently had breast reduction surgery… well, according to The Mirror, anyway. “I was a 34G. I lost a stone on the diet but my breasts were getting bigger. This was causing problems that could get worse as I approach the menopause… My grandmother had a 46in chest, it runs in the family… I’m now a happy 34DD without neckache, without backache and headaches. I’ve not kept it secret. I’ve been out celebrating.”

Meanwhile, her cousin, the UK peer Meral Hussein-Ece has revealed that they are both descended from a black Sudanese slave. According to The Sunday Times (via The Australian, because The Times is charging for page views now): “The Liberal Democrat peer surprised the Lords in her maiden speech last week when she disclosed that her great-grandfather had been kidnapped from his home and sold into slavery… Slavery was still part of life in Sudan in the 1860s when Abdullah, 13, went fishing by a river with his sister, 12. Their father was a wealthy landowner and the children believed they were safe on his estate. But slave traders dragged them into their boats… They took them to a port in Cyprus, probably Larnaca, and sold them at auction… Abdullah, who was a tall and striking lad, was purchased for a high price by a wealthy Greek-Cypriot trader who soon entrusted his slave with taking camel trains and horses around the island trading goods. But the trader was a Christian and was adamant that his new slave should convert from Islam. He tried to force him to give up his faith, hanging him upside down in the heat from a tree all day, but he failed to convert him. The slave was later sold to a Turkish trader who accepted his faith and treated him well. After years of service, the slave was granted his freedom. He set up as a merchant himself. He remained near Larnaca and became so successful that he built his village’s first mosque and married the local midwife.”

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