The Best of ‘Friends’

Maggie Wheeler as 'Janice'I like to have the TV on when I’m eating… it’s a pesky habit, but not uncommon… the only real drawback being that there’s usually nothing on worth watching. Every morning, over breakfast, I am reduced to sitting through the endless cycle of Friends reruns, even though I know most of the earlier episodes by heart (having been a fan, back in the day) and find most of the later seasons actively irritating and insulting. The one saving grace… the only character I still care for after all these years… is ‘Janice’, as portrayed by Maggie Wheeler. God love Janice. While the main cast smugly mock and degrade her (sleep with her and then cast her off, like a dirty sock), I can’t help thinking she’s the only one I’d actually want to date. She’s sweet, she’s funny, she’s gorgeous and sexy and always immaculately dressed… she even does cute little kitten-waves… I’m a sucker for the kitten-wave. I guess, based on what I read in forums sometimes, that native New Yorkers don’t much care for her voice… which, I admit does have a harsh, nasal quality to it… but as a Brit, I find that rather exotic and endearing. And in the end, ‘Monica’ became sooo much more shrewish and shrill, that I wouldn’t blame ‘Chandler’ if he started pining for the good old days, and what might have been…

I also enjoy Wheeler’s cameos in Everybody Loves Raymond reruns, which will no doubt return once this final series of Big Brother vacates the slot. Shame they can’t repeat Ellen, which had her as a main cast member… I haven’t seen that show since it first aired… pesky schedule-deciding people!

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