Wish me there, Wizard!

Linda Blair 5/10OMG!!! The AV Club posted a list of the comparative prices for personal photographs with various genre celebrities at this past weekend’s Wizard World convention… and while a snap with William Shatner would set you back $95 (fair enough), and James “Spike” Marsters refused to pose for personal photos, preferring to sell autographed press stills for $45 a piece (feh!), you could get your picture taken with Linda Blair for just FIFTEEN BUCKS!!! That’s like £9-75 in real money. For that price, I think I might have gone a few times round, in the hopes that she would grow gradually fonder of me (and more handsy) as the afternoon progressed…

[Accompanying photo was taken at the Motor City Comic Con earlier this year (by someone one else, not me), and as you can see Blair is still lookin’ mighty fine!]

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