GothWatch: Marisa Guterman

Marisa Guterman as 'Andi'I wasn’t sure whether to infect this new blog with my Goth-fixation or not… but it’s been going strong for twenty years now, so I might as well make a feature of it…

This morning I neatly avoided the regular Friends reruns, and hit a Frasier rerun instead. Bit of a frying pan/fire scenario there, but the experience was made a little less painful by the revelation that Frasier’s son was going through a “Goth” phase… and was even running around with a cute Goth girl named ‘Andi’. She didn’t get a lot of screen time, but she had a great look going on… and it turns out the actress who played her, Marisa Guterman, has a pretty cool resume.

Marisa GutermanAside from this episode of Frasier (“High Holidays”, s11e11, 2003), Guterman also appeared as the ‘Girl with Braces’ in Andy’s traumatic flashback in The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005), and as ‘Slumber Party Girl’ in an episode of Mr. Show with Bob and David (“Life Is Precious and God and the Bible”, s04e01, 1998). On a more teen-oriented tip, she appeared as another ‘Goth Girl’ in Drake & Josh (“Who’s Got Game?”, s04e05, 2006), and seems to crop up as suspiciously “alt” or nerdy characters in a lot of other shows too… so I imagine she’s got the whole deadpan thing pretty much down pat by this point! I haven’t actually seen all of these shows, of course, but she has a lot clips on her site, and they’re pretty damn funny.

Oh, and did I mention she’s also an aspiring singer/songwriter? No? Well, she is… so check out her MySpace page to listen to some rather lovely tunes. She’s clearly a very talented young woman, so here’s hoping we get to see (and hear) much more from her in the future! (fingerless gloves optional)

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