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M-RodI had a dream last night… I was walking around my hometown, as part of a march for Punk Rights (like “Gay Rights”, I guess… but for surly guys with mohawks). There weren’t many of us, and passers-by were laughing at my attempts to shout album recommendations at them… but then as we climbed the hill at the bottom of my road, we were joined by the ass-kicking actress, Michelle Rodriguez. I greeted her cordially, as if we were friends, and she pulled a pistol on me. She waved it about, yelling, but I wasn’t scared because I “knew” that it was just a prop gun. Still, I was worried that we hadn’t warned the police that we would be using prop guns, so I urged her to put it away. She complied, and we continued on, shoulder-to-shoulder, like too kids chatting at the back of the class. As the march wore on, we grew closer and closer, until we were arm-in-arm… then somehow, through a leap of dream-logic, we were singing a duet on the Christmas special of some cheesy chat-show, as a much-loved “celeb couple”. Whu…?

Of course, Jung would urge us to analyse our dreams, but I don’t know how much subtext there really is to that one. I have a huge crush on M-Rod… but more than that, I find the type of characters that she plays very appealing, as a viewer and a writer, so she’s often on my mind. I guess it helps that off-camera (or at least on DVD commentaries), she is equally extroverted and brash. Meanwhile, sitting through a week’s worth of The Good Wife has been wearing on me. I have a very low tolerance for passive-aggression, and everyone on that show is so repressed and WASP-y (for want of a less weighted term). I just want someone to punch Cary in the throat one time… is that too much to ask? I need some catharsis from all that snide, backhanded bitchiness. Just someone to call him on his behaviour… and maybe insult his momma, while they’re at it. If he doesn’t get taken down a peg or two soon, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hang in there.

It also bugs me that GirlFight wasn’t included in the book of “Chick Flicks”, despite being a genuinely great movie, released a good four years before the book was published! There’s really no excuse for that sort of oversight. And while I have to wait another two months until Machete opens in this country (Grrrr!), Resident Evil: Afterlife is currently stinking up cinemas nationwide. I wish M-Rod had her own franchise… but the bastards keep killing her characters off, before they can build up any momentum! I’m tempted to try to revive her fictional namesake, Nutmeg, for a screenplay… but I’m having enough trouble getting a script sold in this country, so I doubt I’d be able to sell one overseas (in the States). Is there a market for irreverent, futuristic pulp-noir, featuring a gruff Latina heroine? Only in my dreams…

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A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action. He/him.
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  1. Giv says:

    Is there a market for it? You KNOW there is! Why, many of my/our old r/p’ing associates tended to quote Vasquez’s (terribly simplistic and meat-headed, tbf) lines from ‘Aliens’ when they felt the need to spout something ‘cool’ within the SF/action genre. (and yes, I apologise for my excessively free use of the slash as punctuation) And similarly, Hudson was only quoted for comedic effect. Perhaps this was just over-sexed young guys being guys. But I do find it endlessly fascinating that the guys all loved ( yes, loved) Vasquez, but didn’t care that much for, say, Drake (an under-appreciated masculine icon in my book – strong, quiet, anti-authority but does the decent thing and takes one for the team).
    Stepping away from a single movie reference for a split-second… There is certainly something about the ‘hard-woman in space’ that I find appealing. Maybe I just need a strong woman to beat me around the chops a little and make me grow up some? Hmmm. All I know is that I want more of it. The characters, that is, not the whole S&M thingy…
    It is to be regretted that so many fabulously gritty female characters in either action or scifi are so routinely killed off two-thirds of the way through the stories. Quite why this should be I don’t know. Is there some ego-massaging need for guys to be shown that girls just aren’t up to the same level, that when it comes to the crunch ladies need protecting or they’re dog-meat? (A clearly misguided view) Or is it something darker? The shapely teen running frightened from the cabin in the woods. I’ve never been comfortable with the psychology behind the public’s apparent need to see terrified women dying on-screen. That’s a different topic.
    I can’t wait to see your script. I just pray that you get in there first before Doctor Who picks it up, runs with it, drops it and stands there over the smashed remains, looking quietly guilty and mumbling to itself “Damn, that could’ve been amazing and now look at it. Oh well, wasn’t me…”

    • deecrowseer says:

      To be honest ‘Vasquez’ and ‘Ripley’ are the only characters I could name from that movie… I mean, I thought the creepy corporate guy was suitably creepy and corporate, but yeah… as the tags below suggest, “ass-kicking action chicks” are a recurring interest of mine.

      And I agree that it’s a shame when female characters die or get benched before the end of the movie. It may well have something to do with setting them up, just to knock them down… I don’t know. In one forum I was in, some years ago, one fella made the argument that the average woman is a lot smaller and weaker than the average man, so therefore it’s more realistic when female warriors fail to survive as long, or fail to achieve as much as their male counterparts… but the key words here for me are “average” and “realistic”. How often does the “average man” get turned into a cyborg? Or pull an enchanted sword out of a stone? Or get bitten by a radioactive spider? Not often. It’s science-FICTION… it’s FANTASY… the clue’s in the name, really. Anything could happen!

  2. Giv says:

    Good point! I would probably have been hugely nerdy and thrown history in his face like sand; I’d have asked him how long a male peltast would’ve lasted in a close-up situation against a (male, clearly) hoplite? Well, it’s obvious that build, stamina, etc in the REAL world necessitate different approaches to the same situation, so therefore his argument was invalid. But, I’m wasting time on a bygone debate and it’s thoroughly moot.
    However, I would add that I DID eat that genetically modified After Eight and ever since then I’ve been able to project chocolate from my thumbs. I’ll show you next time we meet!

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