Olive on the defensive!I avoided watching Pushing Daisies (2007) when it originally aired in the UK for the same reason I avoided watching Amélie at the cinema: I’m an idiot. But just as I eventually realised the tear-jerking genius of the latter via its televisual “premiere”, I have now come to appreciate the heart-warming charms of the former via a second-hand, first season boxset. What prompted this purchase? Well, I recently caught a film called R.V. on TV and fell hard for one of its co-stars, the fun-sized songstress Kristin Chenoweth. She’s so darn perky and chipper, and Sonnenfeld dresses her in such bright colours, that I’ve come to think of her as the Uber Anti-Goth. Not only is she a very funny and adorable actress, who always brings great “business” to the screen, but she also has a truly awesome voice… and she isn’t afraid to belt it out to the back rows! I still have some minor reservations about Daisies… but overall, the good far outweighs the bad. What other show could give you the pleasure of seeing Chenoweth threaten Paul Reubens with a kitchen knife, while snarling “Don’t make me cut a bitch!”… or hearing her duet with the equally impressive Ellen Greene on this glorious cover version of TMBG’s ‘Birdhouse in Your Soul’!

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  1. I am torn on Pushing Daisies. Amanda loved it, Kirk hated it and I was somewhere in between. I do remember being disappointed when it was canceled. If Glee is being shown in the UK keep an eye out for the two episodes of the show that Kristen was in as April Rhodes. She sings and dances and is a very bad role model. Very enjoyable! Her voice is amazing.

    • deecrowseer says:

      ‘Glee’ is very popular over here, but I didn’t like it, so I’ve missed the Chenoweth appearances, sadly… I’ll have to keep an eye out in case they get repeated.

      Like you, I didn’t exactly LOVE ‘Daisies’, but I thought it was pretty good fun… and I agree it’s a shame that it got cancelled.

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