Jiminy Crispies!

Kristin as 'Kristin' in "Kristin"
Kristin as ‘Kristin’ in “Kristin”

If someone told me a sitcom had been commissioned starring Kristin Chenoweth as a perky secretary with dreams of making it big on Broadway, and co-starring Ana Ortiz (of Ugly Betty fame) as her sassy Latina gal-pal, then I would most likely jump up and down on the spot clapping like a little girl. Then I’d hit up Wikipedia for some facts, and discover that this show was actually broadcast in 2001, flopped big, and got canned after just six episodes. Dang!

Kristin (catchy title!) was described by Michael Speier of Variety, as a “dud” with “incredibly stale one-liners, on-the-cheap production values and boring supporting players”. Some kindly fans have put most of the episodes up on YouTube, meaning that I was able to watch the pilot for myself… and… er… yeah… it’s kind of a dud. Don’t get me wrong, Chenoweth and Ortiz manage to make this show seem a lot better than it is, simply by being their funny, charming, adorable selves… but there’s no disguising how creaky the premise is, and how painfully the laughs lull when they’re not taking care of business. If nothing else, it’s a testament to their talents that it’s worth watching at all… so thank goodness they went on to bigger and better things, because this show definitely wasn’t going to get them where they deserve to be!

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  1. gingersister says:

    A while ago, after reading Chenoweth’s autobiography that I would re-watch the West Wing so as to enjoy her in that series. I saw her as Galinda in ‘Wicked’ so have loved her and Inida’s guest spots on Glee this last year. I am sad that they ended Pushing Daisies. it was an hoot with some sheer loveliness. Thanks for the posts that have been reminding me how much I love her.

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