GothWatch: Anna Walton and Kate Sissons

Vicki the Vamp!As the “Tubular Bells” theme from The Exorcist played through the charity shop, my eyes landed on the DVD of a British horror flick called Vampire Diary (2007). The disc looked scratched to heck but its sexy siren call proved too strong to resist. VD is the story of an aspiring documentary filmmaker who falls under the thrall of a bona fide bloodsucker, whilst exploring the “weekend vampire” club scene, and was described by Variety thus: “Well-made but ultimately a curio of middling viewer engagement… of greater interest to those who’ll watch any vampire-lore variation (especially vampire-lesbian stuff) than to mainstream horror fans.” Which pretty much sums me up… sadly.

Anna Walton puts her ethereal beauty to excellent use as the eponymous vamp ‘Vicki’, shortly before scoring an equally “otherworldly” role as ‘Princess Nuala’ in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008). I’m not sure her character here is so irresistible I’d actually be willing to kill and/or bleed for her… but she does look pretty damn good when she gets all gothed up to prowl for her prey.

HazeKate Sissons also deserves an honourable mention for her turn as ‘Haze’, managing to squeeze a lot of charm into quite a small part. But the real scene-stealer in the cast has to be Keith-Lee Castle, who is probably best known for playing ‘Count Dracula’ himself, father to a disappointingly wimpy heir, in the children’s TV series Young Dracula (2006-2008). Thank goodness they didn’t put him on the cover though, or who knows what sort of trauma might have occurred when confused parents accidentally exposed their children to all this gore, sappho-eroticism and shaky camerawork!

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