Make room for ‘Boom Boom’…

Imelda MayOne of the fun things about the internet is the random detours and unexpected discoveries that occur from time to time. For instance, this morning I was searching for info on Katherine Parkinson’s new series*, and I happened to end up reading this article about a musical artiste named Imelda May. The article doesn’t actually have anything to do with KP, but it does reference singer “Katherine Jenkins” and chat show host “Michael Parkinson”, so I guess that’s how the hilarious mix-up occurred. Anyway, I liked May’s retro “rock-a-billy” look, so I listened to some of her tunes… and they quickly sank their jaunty hooks into my brain. That throbbing bass is catchy as heck, and she’s a pretty powerful vocalist, with plenty personality.

According to the linked article: “Her second album, Mayhem, went straight to No.1 in Ireland on release at the start of this month. It now sits in the Irish top five alongside its predecessor, Love Tattoo, which is still selling in buckets two years after it first appeared… Her breakthrough should be replicated over here when Mayhem is released early next month [Oct. 4th].” I went through a neo-Swing phase back in my student days, and I guess it’s hitting the same sweet spot… it’s nice to have something you can cut-a-rug to, while using lots of fun juke joint jargon. So, er, get hip to where it’s at, you crazy cats, and dig this video for the single ‘Johnny Got a Boom Boom’. It’s straight from the fridge, Daddio!


* Whites, starting this Tuesday on BBC2. I think the title refers to the name of the restaurant it’s based around… plus the uniforms that chefs wear, maybe? Hopefully it’s not a sitcom about wacky neo-Nazis opening a segregated restaurant…

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