A Daisy by Any Other Name…

Jessica HynesNormally I’d be loathe to recommend anything to do with The Mail on Sunday, since its parent paper is such a reprehensible right-wing rag… but the glossy mag that comes with it did have a great interview with Jessica Hynes this week, which can still be read for free online (hurrah!). It’s interesting to see her explain the thinking behind her (fairly) recent rebranding, even if the thinking wasn’t especially clear. The actress formerly known as Jessica Stevenson “met her husband, sculptor Adam Hynes, at the age of 18, but they didn’t marry until she was nearly 30, in 2002. Five years later, she changed from her maiden to her married name, a move regarded as professional hara-kiri for any actor, given that their brand resides in their name. ‘I suddenly wanted to have the same name as my husband and children, and define myself as part of this new family we’d created. Maybe I should just have had some new chequebooks printed, but it wasn’t a very thought-through decision,’ she concedes. ‘I couldn’t say whether I’ve lost any work because of it – although who knows, maybe the Oscar committee have been ringing the wrong number all this time…’”

The interview was part of the promotion campaign for her new film, Burke and Hare, which is billed as “a dark comedy based on the gruesome antics of the notorious Victorian grave robbers”, directed by comedy legend John Landis, and starring her Spaced collaborator Simon Pegg as ‘Burke’. According to Hynes: “I play Lucky, the wife of Hare and the conniving brains behind the pair’s body-snatching activities… Not only was it a great part but there were corsets involved and my cleavage was cantilevered up to my chin.” Crikey! Apparently she’s a big fan of dressing up, and I admit she does look rather gorgeous in the mag’s photoshoot (dig those cheekbones!)… but I still prefer her in a hoodie and jeans, circa the first series of Spaced. I used to have such a huge crush on ‘Daisy’, it was crazy. “Forget Tim! Take me to see Akira instead!! He’ll never understand you the way I do!!!” Good times.

Sadly no mention of Lizzie and Sarah in the interview, so I’m guessing that show was DOA… but apparently Hynes has been writing “a suffragette sitcom set in a church hall in 1908. ‘It’s an old-fashioned format, rather like a female Dad’s Army, and very character-based, which is what I like.’”, so at least there’s that to look forward to… and her Oscar win for Burke and Hare, of course…

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