Cuteness abounds…

L&SLast week saw the official release of Rainn Wilson’s new book Soul Pancake, which (according to the press blurb) “urges you to explore philosophy, creativity, spirituality, love, truth, science, and so much more. With bold questions, intriguing challenges, and mind-bending art, Soul Pancake creates a space for you to stimulate your brain stem, spark your soul, and figure out what it means to be human.” Sounds pretty awesome, actually.

But not quite as awesome as this photograph from the launch party, which depicts Big S clutching ickle Ellen Page, like a drunken Aunty at a Bat Mitzvah! Bless ‘em both. It’s actually reminded me how much I used to dig Page… before Juno came between us. Still, there’s no doubt that she’s a fantastic actress, so maybe it’s time to forgive her for momentarily reviving The Moldy Peaches, and try to “” (ew!). I wonder if I can pick Whip It up cheap in the Christmas sales this year? Or is it too new? We shall see…

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A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action. He/him.
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4 Responses to Cuteness abounds…

  1. phantomxii says:

    Maximum adorability!

    • deecrowseer says:

      I know, right? If Mindy Kaling and/or Jenna Fischer had been there with them, then the scene could have become “Too Cute For Human Eyes To Bear”, and rendered everyone blind… which would have made reading the book rather tricky. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Phew!

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