Don’t Miss The Misfits!

KellyI’ll admit that I was a latecomer to the first series of Misfits, but as soon as I saw it, I was hooked. The second series began last night, and it didn’t disappoint. The plot got off to a pretty brisk start, so it looks like we’re in for a fairly hectic ride over the coming weeks… but I worry that this run of episodes will suffer from the same budget-mandated, Community Centre claustrophobia that I whined about in my previous posts.

Thankfully the characters are so engaging, and the cast so talented, that it’s still a pleasure to spend time with them, even if they’re just hanging out in a locker room swapping banter. I’m a sappy old hippie who wants everyone to live together in peace and harmony, and that’s probably never going to happen with this gang… but it’s nice to see them starting to bond more as a team, and even develop a secret codeword to outwit sneaky shape-shifters! I don’t want to get all geeky and obsessive again (too late!), but it was especially pleasant to see the return of Lauren Socha to our screens. She’s just a fantastic actress, with an incredibly expressive face, and a very quirky, offbeat delivery… and she’s proper scary, when her blood’s up… but so adorable in her quieter, more vulnerable moments. I also think she’s the sexiest woman on TV right now*, in or out of her jumpsuit… and I’m clearly not alone in thinking that. I just want her to do more shows, and do more comedy, and have a very long and successful career. Bless ‘er.

Oh, and my guess on the identity of The Masked Stranger: A future-version of Nathan, sent back in time by Curtis. Aside from the fact that they foreshadowed it by having Nathan make a joke to that effect, it would also explain why the Stranger is flipping around all over the place, and standing on the edges of really tall buildings, as if he were immortal and had been practicing his daredevil skills for a while. Although how he manages to keep from making offensive comments every five seconds, is a mystery… but my hope is that he learns to keep his gob shut, to win the heart of Kelly.


* Under 40, anyway. Nigella FTW!

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