Total Rodriguez

Total M-RodUK movie-mag TotalFilm features an interview with M-Rod this month, from which I plucked this choice quote:

“I think I like being funny more than kicking ass… People don’t have a clue what I’m capable of.”

Dammit, I’ve been saying that for years! Glad to see she agrees. She also makes a reference in the interview to how much she enjoys interacting with her fans online, but somehow I doubt that involves accepting unsolicited script pitches off of them! Right…?

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan, why not check out this behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot. As a nerdy completist-type, it always annoys me to see that photographers take hundreds of snaps of my favourite performers, and then the mags only use two or three of them at most. Where do all the other shots go? Over the rainbow, that’s where…

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  1. gingersister says:

    AMEN! I love MIchelle Rodrigues, and have since Girl Fight, but have often thought she got typecast in to the “badass Chick” role. I would love to see her be funny.

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