From Zeroland with Love…

Tamil PulpBack on a Tamil “pulp fiction” tip, yesterday the East Bay Express published an interview with Rakesh Khanna, who, as the founder of the publishing house Blaft, is largely responsible for bringing these stories to our Western eyes. Bless ‘im. I’m very intrigued by the description of their latest translation project, the Urdu-language pulp author Ibn-e-Safi:

“He is kind of an absurdist. He has these recurring characters, Colonel Faridi and Captain Hameed… [Hameed] is an inveterate womanizer whose dialogue is usually completely off the wall. He’ll go totally mad for pages at a time and rant nonsense and throw furniture around. Safi’s ‘Jasusi Duniya’ — ‘World of Detection’ or ‘World of Espionage’ — series has its own universe, centered around an unnamed city, which is sort-of-Karachi-but-not-really, packed with seedy nightclubs and drug dealers, circus dwarfs, North American supercriminals, and secret agents from Zeroland with their armies of mutant apes.”

Zabardast! (Um… that may or may not mean “awesome” in Urdu)

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