Quasi-GothWatch: Dani Harmer

DaniGoth 001I was flicking through the channels t’other day, looking for something to watch while I ate*, when I chanced upon an episode of the children’s sitcom Dani’s House, in which the eponymous actress was getting all gothed up in order to impress a “famous Emo heartthrob”, named Brandon Noir. Presumably Vince Noir was busy? I’ve said before that I don’t find carefully applied make-up and co-ordinated clothes especially “sexy”, but the one perennial exception to that rule is Goth/Emo chicks. Even the close-ups of her applying the lip-stick and eye-liner were kinda sexy! Shame she doesn’t look like that every week, because that would definitely make the programme unmissable in my book… although I must admit that I turned my TV off again as soon as I was done eating, to escape the god-awful jokes and canned laughter.

DaniGoth 002I had to watch through the first ten minutes again on the BBC’s iPlayer, to grab these screencaps… but my internet connection is so slow and crappy, I didn’t get any further through the episode this time around. For all I know, something fantastically hilarious and/or enlightening could happen in the final third of the programme… but somehow I doubt it. According to Wikipedia this episode (“Grandad and the Emo of Doom”) came from the third series, and the BBC has already commissioned a fourth and fifth instalment! Clearly the kiddies have a much higher tolerance for this sort of “humour” than I do… or maybe it’s just being kept on the air by “dirty old men” like me, hitting their mute buttons and perving over Harmer? Hmmm…



* If only there were an abridged version of Deal Or No Deal where they cut out all the between-box banter, and replaced Noel Edmonds with a simple touch-screen computer, I wouldn’t need to flip at all!

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2 Responses to Quasi-GothWatch: Dani Harmer

  1. phantomxii says:

    Oh my. Hyper-cute. And not kittens-and-bunnies cute, either.

    • deecrowseer says:

      I would like to assure all my readers that I am working tirelessly to ensure that their TV screens, cinema screens and comic book pages are blessed with an abundance of cute goth chicks… but the powers-that-be just aren’t playing ball!

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