Quasi-GothWatch: Talulah Riley

EmoTal002Sorry, I’m still on a bit of a St Trinian’s kick at the mo! Although Talulah Riley’s character ‘Annabelle’ never officially joins any of the school’s tribes, there is a scene halfway through the first film, where they each give her a themed makeover, and this montage sequence serves two purposes: First of all, it’s an initiation ritual, to demonstrate that the other girls have finally accepted her as one of their own (gabba gabba!), and second of all, it’s an excuse for the filmmakers to dress Riley in a series of sexy outfits, and have her vamp it up a little. It’s interesting to note how much they toned down the sexuality of the older pupils and staff in the sequel… although I couldn’t say whether that’s because they felt guilty about how far they’d pushed it in the previous instalment, of if it was just a consequence of the treasure hunt taking precedence over everything else. Anyway, I recently discovered that some of the pictures from the montage photoshoot were knocking around on various fansites… and by a happy stroke of luck, her Emo look seems to be the best represented!

EmoTal001Aside from starring in both Trinian’s flicks, Riley played a pivotal (though not particularly pleasant) role in the criminally underrated comedy The Boat That Rocked (aka Pirate Radio) (2009). This means that we might actually have “filmed a scene together”, in the broadest possible sense… I mean, we were on totally separate boats, milling around a large harbour, and I can’t say for certain that she was even there at all… but it would still make a good ice breaker if we ever met in real life, right? Apparently her most recent appearance was in the wildly successful Inception (2010), playing a character called simply “Blonde”. I haven’t seen the film myself, but I’m assuming from the name that it wasn’t a huge role… unless she’s playing a reincarnation of Mr. Blonde? Probably not. I think she’s a very talented actress, and can be very funny when she isn’t playing the sympathetic straight-woman… she’s also ridiculously beautiful, of course, but I’m sure you’d spotted that already… so, here’s hoping she has a long and rewarding career (and gets to play a real Goth someday)!

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