Zen and the Art of Passion

CatMurinoI’m always reluctant to recommend anything to do with The Mail on Sunday, but their You magazine does occasionally have some interesting interviews… and this week their cover featured the ridiculously gorgeous Caterina Murino! Apparently she’s a big name across the channel, but being an ignorant Brit, I only know her as Miss Maupassant, the French teacher from St Trinian’s (2007). Oh, if only she’d taught at my school instead, I might be fluent in the language by now! Le sigh. Anyhoo, she’ll soon be appearing in a three feature-length TV adaptations of Michael Dibdin’s ‘Aurelio Zen’ novels, as the love interest of the eponymous Italian detective, played by Rufus Sewell (of A Knight’s Tale and Charles II fame). The first instalment will air on BBC1, Sunday 2nd January… so at least there’s something for me to look forward to in the New Year!

What really caught my attention in the interview though was how passionate she is about her art and her family… it’s very inspiring, in a way. Having just spent the holidays with my own relatives, it would be very easy for me to fall into the trap of believing that all families are as dysfunctional as ours… and, without going into details, that’s a deeply depressing thought. Thankfully, the fact remains that there is (quite literally) a world of alternative examples out there to draw hope from. I try to shy away from stereotypes, but generally speaking we Brits are known for being quite repressed and passive-aggressive, while other European nations are known for being much more open and extroverted… which would make for a very welcome change of pace at this point! So, now all I need to do is find a magical wardrobe that will lead me to the mystical island of Sardinia…

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  1. Giv says:

    Te he!
    You went near the Mail on Sunday. *tease*

    Do they actually have interesting stuff in the magazine now? In my day, it used to be interviews with television celebrity David Howton (star of Don’t Tell your Granny), talking about why appearing in panto near Reading this year is helping him to come to terms with his childhood unpopularity, or easy-listening star Michelle Duffle saying how happy she is to be playing a tour of West Sussex and Hampshire venues in advance of the release of her new CD of Chris de Burgh covers and some original material – featuring a stunning duet with ‘Dempsey & Makepeace’ star Michael Brandon, entitled “You Make Me Sick (With Happiness)”.
    That and adverts for this exquisite porcelain statuette of a cleaning-lady with mop, bucket and key, struggling to open a toilet cubicle door. Entitled “Oh dear, What Can the Matter Be?”, you can almost hear the elderly voices calling plaintively from the other side of the door, as the lovingly-crafted hispanic immigrant fumbles with the beautifully-detailed bunch of keys, each plated in .14-carat gold. Standing at 3.5 inches, this limited edition figurine is yours for only £149.99 in twelve monthly instalments of £49.99 + £9.99p&p.
    Or perhaps I’m just bitter because I could never finish the ‘You’ crossword….

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