The Last of “Lost”

AnaLucia0601[Contains mild SPOILERS]

I got hooked on Lost back when it was on proper (i.e., terrestrial) TV, and then got mighty pissed off when satellite-station Sky swooped in and stole it away from me (to add insult to injury, Ch4 then chose to run adverts for Sky featuring clips from the new season to taunt us with… as if to say “These guys took one of our best shows, but we’ve decided to vent our anger on you, the viewer, instead… because they have money and you don’t matter!”) Anyhoo, thanks to kindly friends and Blockbuster rentals, I’ve been able to keep up with all of the Island-based shenanigans over the years, and this week I watched the sixth and (as far as we know) final season. Although I’d long since severed any real emotional attachment to the show, I’d still been trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible… nevertheless, I couldn’t help picking up on a sense of disappointment from fans who’d already seen how it all ended. So, going in with fairly low expectations, I actually found myself quite enjoying Season Six. It doesn’t answer all of the questions that were thrown up in previous seasons, but then I don’t suppose that would’ve been possible anyway because Lost was, after all, only a television series. As someone who’s taken a crack at writing a few sitcom and comic book series himself, I know that the only way to tell a totally satisfying story over several episodes is to write them all out in full, and then go back to the beginning and fix earlier character and plot inconsistencies… which is a luxury they simply didn’t have here, so they had to make a lot of stuff up on the fly, to flesh out whatever broad strokes they had agreed upon for the show’s overall mythology and character arcs. Fair enough, I say.

Sagal0601Looking back over the series as a whole, the thing I find most galling is how the writers diminished and reduced Locke, until they could finally kill him off and replace him with Desmond and Jack. What I loved about first-season-Locke was that he was a man who had finally found his place in the world… his true calling in life. Back home he may have been a broken boob, but there on The Island he was a kick-ass mystic, with all sorts of wisdom to impart… and he was the first one to understand that they had left mundane reality far behind. He was a shaman and a guru, and he made me believe that there was still a place for eco-friendly spirituality in our lives! But that all that went down the tubes as soon as he climbed down the hatch. That was the end of the Locke I knew and loved. Time and time again, the writers belittled, humiliated and mocked him… but I hung in there, because there was always the possibility that it was leading to something glorious… that he would emerge from the wilderness a true prophet, having proven himself the perfect candidate to protect The Island and its many secrets… but, no. I just wish I could “flash-sideways” into an alternate universe, where someone had written that version of the series instead… because it would have been sooo much better than the one we got. Not that I consider the time I spent watching Lost “wasted”, as such… I mean, it’s always a joy to see Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson thesping away… but I’d have a hard time sitting through it all a second time, with all the red herrings, dead ends and dead weights to wade through! The big draw with this show was the mystery and the mythology, and there just aren’t any individual episodes I’d ever want to see again in isolation, now that I know where it was all leading.

Claire0601As far as the theme of this blog goes, it was great to see some familiar faces return this season… first and foremost being the mighty Michelle Rodriguez as ‘Ana Lucia’, of course! I expected her to play a much larger role, considering how many of the “flash-sideways” scenes took place around a police station… but in the end all she got was a one-scene cameo. Didn’t even have time to take off her shades, dammit! It was also great to have Emilie de Ravin back as ‘Claire’, both on and off the island. Her character may not be as adorable (or mentally stable) as she once was, but she is still ridiculously cute! Rebecca Mader returned as ‘Charlotte’, to dazzle us with her piercing eyes and vaguely-Australian-sounding-but-actually-English accent. And Elizabeth Mitchell did some fine work as ‘Juliet’, reminding us all why we (and Sawyer) fell so hard for her in the first place. To be honest, when ‘Helen’ first appeared as Locke’s potential love-interest, back in season two, I didn’t actually realise the actress playing her was Katey Sagal! I used to watch Married… with Children all the time, and obviously I’ve heard her voice as ‘Leela’ on Futurama, but I just didn’t recognise her without the huge hair and heavy make-up she wore as ‘Peggy Bundy’! Dang, that woman’s got great cheek bones. The biggest surprise cameo though was Allison Janney’s appearance as a character called simply ‘Mother’, in the flashback to Jacob’s secret origin. By a wacky coincidence, I’d just seen Juno on Christmas Day, and I saw her Lost episode on New Year’s Eve, and both times she was helping to deliver a baby! I’m hoping that’s a good omen for the year to come… something about rebirth? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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