I, Zombie Chick

Sean YseultOf course, everyone knows Sean Yseult best as the lead singer for supernatural surf-rock group Famous Monsters… but many may be surprised to learn that before donning her Devil Doll costume, Yseult also played bass for a little-known, largely forgotten metal band by the name of White Zombie (fronted by famed Hollywood director Robert Zombie). In an effort to introduce millions of Famous Monsters fans across the world to this more obscure outfit, she has written a memoir of her time with the testy troupe, titled I’m in the Band: Backstage Notes from the Chick in White Zombie (I didn’t make that bit up… it’s really called that!). In support of the book’s release, Yseult has been doing numerous press interviews and public appearances across the United Stated of America. Thankfully I’m too enlightened to feel the human emotion you call “envy”, because otherwise I would be envying the f*ck out of everyone who gets to meet her on this publicity tour. According to her official site’s news page, she’s even been giving away White Zombie goodies along with her autograph! Gah!

[Punches leg repeatedly, in effort to quell rising jealous rage]

Anyhoo… it’s cool to see that you can still buy Famous Monsters music and merch from her website’s shop… even if the shirts are all too small for me to wear. Sniffle.

Why does she hate me? :(

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2 Responses to I, Zombie Chick

  1. phantomxii says:

    She’s gallivanting about over here? (I always like an opportunity to use “gallivanting”.) Well, if I run into her, I’ll ask if she’ll autograph a too-small T-shirt for you. (What is it with inadequately-sized hipster merchandise? Do the cool kids always assume their fans are anorexic?)

    • deecrowseer says:

      I can only assume that most of their fans are petite Japanese people… or actual vampires, maybe? I imagine they burn off a lot of calories chasing people and turning into bats and stuff, right?

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