GothWatch: The Art of Aly Fell

SophieSeesWhile doing some research on The Arabian Nights, I chanced upon the blog of an artist called Aly Fell… and immediately “fell” for his style! Ho ho. Sorry, I’m still a bit giddy from looking at all the pretty ladies. His work really is phenomenal though… and besides being exceptionally talented, he also has an obvious sympathy for Goth culture, as evidenced by the cartoon strip he draws about a Goth girl named “Rosie Poe” (which you can see below), and her struggles with boneheaded bullies.

The way that his interests/obsessions overlap with my own would make him an ideal artist to work on the comic book script I’m polishing up at the moment… if only I could afford him! Unless I win the Lottery in the next couple of months, I may have to figure out a way to eat his brain and gain his talent… or would I have to eat his hands? Hmmm…

PS. My sincerest apologies to Mr Fell for cropping his artwork… but it’s a compulsion of mine. Click here to see the full version of the “Sophie Sees” illustration in all its glory!

PPS. Heeeeeere’s Rosie:



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4 Responses to GothWatch: The Art of Aly Fell

  1. phantomxii says:

    Heh! Marvelous cartoon.

  2. Aly Fell says:

    Thank you for the really kind words! Great to stumble across something like this that puts a smile on my face. Rosie Poe is something new, and close to my heart, and am just having fun with it! I would like to point out, ( as I believe in credit where it’s due, that Sophie Sees is based upon the photography of John Wright, whose link can be found in the post of my blog ). And yes, I love all things Goth, being a very sad old one myself! :)

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