Not Getting Any

Getting OnSo, my internet access went down last Sunday, necessitating a “cold turkey” break from my compulsive blogging and surfing habit… which forced me to endure a period of quiet reflection and meditation on The Important Things In Life™. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Thankfully, it’s up again now, so I can get back to typing nonsense, posting pictures of pretty ladies and politely ignoring the yawning chasm of loneliness that threatens to swallow my soul. Yay! Yesterday was especially frustrating for me, as far as wanting to update this blog goes, because it was the British Comedy Awards on Saturday night, and watching that debacle made me feel extra ranty.

First of all, Getting On wasn’t even nominated for “Best Sitcom”… and Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan were likewise snubbed in the “Best TV Comedy Actress” category, which is just ridiculous really. The cast were all sat at a table together, and since Jo Brand was nominated a couple of times (eventually winning “Best Female TV Comic”) they kept cutting back to them… but sadly Pepperdine was sat with her back to the camera, so I only realised it was her when she turned around near the end to watch someone speaking on stage. Still, it was great to hear director Peter Capaldi crowbar a reference to the show into his acceptance speech (for “Best TV Comedy Actor”), and give his The Thick of It cast-mate Scanlan a shout-out as well. Hurrah!

KatParBCA1101A bushel-load of awards went to Miranda Hart (“Best New British TV Comedy”, “Best TV Comedy Actress” and “People’s Choice Award For The King Or Queen Of Comedy 2010”), which is fair enough because she is a very funny performer… and it also gave me a chance to briefly swoon over Sally Phillips, as she stood beside/behind Hart on stage, looking damn cute. Other nominees in my own made-up category of “Wish I Could See A Longer Shot of Her Wearing That Dress” included Katherine Parkinson and Lauren Socha… who did at least stick around on stage long enough to yell the word “Wankuh!” into a microphone (at the request of the show’s host, I hasten to add). Bless ‘er.

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  1. phantomxii says:

    “Not getting any”? Say, what have you been doing to your computer when it IS working? Aren’t there laws against that sort of thing?

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