“Greige” is the Word

easyvirt01Last night, the BBC were nice enough to broadcast Easy Virtue (2008), a period comedy based on Noel Coward’s play of the same name, concerning a rather spineless and bland young Englishman (Ben Barnes), who hooks up with a feisty American proto-Feminist (Jessica Biel), and takes her back to meet his snarky, sniping, passive-aggressive mother (Kristin Scott Thomas), and inconsistent sisters. I’d been curious to see this film for a while, because I knew Katherine Parkinson was in it (playing one of the sisters), but if I’d known how large a role she had I would have made more of an effort. As far as I know this was her first appearance on the big screen, and she does some fine work… but it’s rather hard to rave, since I found the story and characters so annoying. The younger sister was played by Kimberley Nixon, who also appeared in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging as ‘Lindsay’, the unintentionally sympathetic “rival” of the rather spoiled lead character. Nixon gives a very lively and charming performance here… until the plot demands that she turn spiteful and sour, swiftly smothering any interest I had in her character’s fate. Ah well, at least the story had a happy ending… Colin Firth and intercontinental travel FTW!

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