Snaps to Smith

Elle UKAs we all know, awards are meaningless… except when they’re given to the right people, and we plebs get to goggle at the celebs who get all gussied-up for the ceremony! Sadly, I’m having a hard time finding any decent photos from last night’s Awards, where Sheridan Smith was crowned “Best Actress in a Musical”, for her turn as ‘Elle Woods’ in the all-singing-all-dancing version of Legally Blonde. Apparently she also co-hosted the event, along with Miranda Hart and Christopher Biggins, so it sounds like it was probably a fun night… or as fun as any awards ceremony can be, I guess.

Apparently Smith left Legally in January, and her next project will be a musical adaptation of Bridget Jones’ Diary… which may or may not have a score co-written by Lily Allen!

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