Self-Google Snafu

Kathryn Drysdale as ‘Natalie’ in ”Benidorm”Recently ITV began running adverts for the new series of their Brits-behaving-badly-abroad sitcom Benidorm, which appeared to feature Kathryn Drysdale (of Two Pints and St. Trinian’s fame) lounging by the pool. I thought this was funny, since her cast-mate Sheridan Smith had been in the previous series… so I ran a Google search, and was a little bemused to find that my blog was one of the top hits! Pesky. To avoid disappointing anyone who actually clicks through to this site, I feel compelled to post this promo shot of Drysdale in a bikini… purely as a public service, you understand.

Weirdly, ITV haven’t bothered updating their official Benidorm page for the new series yet, so I actually appear quite current compared to them!

The fourth series of Benidorm begins this Friday (25th Feb) on ITV1 @ 9pm.

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  1. phantomxii says:

    Where are all the comments from clicking Googlers? They’re probably too busy drooling to type anything.

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