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Meg WhiteLast night I watched Under Great White Northern Lights (2009) with a musically-inclined friend of mine, as we mourned the official break-up of The White Stripes. Of course, they hadn’t actually released a studio album since 2007’s Icky Thump, so when news of the split was announced earlier this month it didn’t have a huge impact on me… but seeing them on-screen again reminded me how much I loved watching them play together… and how much I loved watching Meg White in particular. A recent article over at The AV Club sums up the vital role she played as a muse and collaborator better than I ever could… but the author does demur from commenting on the visceral pleasure of seeing a shy, unassuming young woman transform into a skin-beating amazon, as soon as she picks up her sticks. Meg is simply mesmerising when she closes her eyes, drifts away on a daydream, and pounds out her primal beats. I’m sure there are “better” drummers out there, in terms of pure technique, but I doubt there’s anyone who can exude such sweet, ecstatic glee while bashing away on a drumkit. To quote Autumn de Wilde, the photographer who documented their Northern Lights tour in her hefty-looking book, There’s just something about Meg when she plays… She’s sexual, she’s passionate. She’s a true rock star. There aren’t many woman who are rockstars like she is.” No matter how talented the members of Mr White’s other bands may be, they can never hope to capture the same raw charisma and joy that Jack and Meg generated together. So, best wishes to the both of them in their separate lives, but right now I’m kinda bummed that they’ve taken their final bow as a double-act…

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  1. phantomxii says:

    Not to take anything away from Ms. White, but this headline cracks me up every time. (There’s a nice photo, too.)

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