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Hungry Hungry Hungarians!

Watching a black-and-white “neorealist” film about homeless war orphans struggling to survive in devastated post-war Hungary might not be everyone’s idea of a fun way to spend an evening, but Somewhere in Europe (1947) actually exhibits far more warmth and … Continue reading

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Let England Listen…

My homegirl (in a very tenuous sense) PJ Harvey has a new album out, called Let England Shake, and what I’ve heard of it so far has been pretty awesome… it’s also picking up some very encouraging reviews, so I … Continue reading

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Ommm Shandy

In an attempt to figure out what the central heroine of my latest script should look like, and achieve some vague sense of accomplishment and productivity, I knocked up the following cartoon strip. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, … Continue reading

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The Gleek Effect…

Well, according to the charts at both and, The Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD became a Top Ten bestseller this week… and no doubt that’s all down to the hype that it got in Glee. Since the version depicted in that … Continue reading

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“Greige” is the Word

Last night, the BBC were nice enough to broadcast Easy Virtue (2008), a period comedy based on Noel Coward’s play of the same name, concerning a rather spineless and bland young Englishman (Ben Barnes), who hooks up with a feisty … Continue reading

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In a cunning bid to get viewers hooked on long-running American TV shows, my local supermarket has a whole stack of first season boxsets on sale for the ridiculously tempty price of seven pounds sterling each! I tried to resist … Continue reading

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The Danish Double-Take

Flipping through my TV listings magazine, I was pleasantly surprised to spot a photo of French auteur/actress Marina de Van in the “Highlights” section, and a slew of questions immediately raced through my mind, before my eyes could latch onto … Continue reading

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